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Burgess, L. W. & B. A. Summerell. Taxonomy of Fusarium: Fusarium armeniacum stat. & comb. nov. Mycotaxon 75: 347-348. 2000.

ABSTRACT: Fusarium acuminatum subsp. armeniacum is raised to species rank becoming F. armeeniacum stat. nov. This revision is made on the basis of comparative data from studies on the toxicology and karyotype of the two subspecies of F. acuminatum, subsp. acuminatum and subsp. armeniacum and studies of their genetic affinity using isozyme and RAPD analysis. As a consequence F. acuminatum subsp. acuminatum is accorded species status.


Fusarium armeniacum (G. A. Forbes, Windels & L. W. Burgess) L. W. Burgess & Summerell, p. 347

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