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Chung, Chao Hsuan & Sheng Shong Tzean. Notes on the genera Turturconchata and Venustusporium (mitosporic fungi). Mycotaxon 75: 311-313. 2000.

ABSTRACT: The genus Venustusporium was erected to accommodate a single species, V. chelysforme R. F. Castañeda & Iturr. (1999). Nevertheless the theme for establishing the genus appears superfluous to that of an earlier genus, Turturconchata. The new combination Turturconchata chelysforme is proposed for Venustusporium chelysforme. A key is provided for the two species.

KEYWORDS: hyphomycetes, nomenclature, Taiwan, Venezuela.

Turturconchata chelysforme (R. F. Castañeda & Ittur.) Chao H. Chung & Tzean, p. 312

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