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Barrasa, J. M. & F. Esteve-Raventós. A redescription of Omphalina meridionalis, based on material collected in Spain. Mycotaxon 75: 273-280. 2000.

ABSTRACT: A redescription is made of Omphalina meridionalis, a lichenized agaric with Botrydina thallus, recently described from Sardinia (Italy). Since lichenization in Omphalina is connected to loss of clamps and of a pure tetrasporic state, several Spanish collections have been compared with the holotypus. The former are clampless and show both bi- and tetrasporic basidia. In addition, and contrary to the original description, the holotype is also devoid of clamps. A taxonomic discussion, mainly related to morphological and ecological differences of O. meridionalis with other lichenized European Omphalina species, is also provided. The new combination Omphalina aurantiaca is also proposed.

KEYWORDS: Tricholomatales, Omphalina, Phytoconis, Omphalina meridionalis, lichenized agarics, Spain

Omphalina aurantiaca (Redhead & Kuyper) Barassa & Esteve-Rav., p. 278

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