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Bernicchia, Annarosa. Wood-inhabiting aphyllophoraceous fungi on Juniperus spp. in Italy. Mycotaxon 75: 241-256. 2000.

ABSTRACT: Aphyllophoraceous fungi growing on Juniperus spp. in Italy have been investigated. 295 collections were recorded representing 105 species from 59 genera. Amyloathelia amylacea, Antrodia pulvinascens, Chaetoderma luna, Hyphoderma cryptocallimon, Hyphodontiella multiseptata, Lenzitella malenconii, Oligoporus mappus, Phellinus pseudopunctatus, Thanatephorus sterigmaticus, Trametes junipericola, Tremella polyporina and Ypsilonidiium sterigmaticum are reported as new from Italy. Hyphoderma etruriae, Echinodontium ryvardenii, Neolentiporus squamosellus and Phellinus juniperinus have previously been described as new species form Juniperus.

KEYWORDS: Aphyllophorales, wood-inhabiting fungi, Juniperus.


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