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Giralt, Mireia & Xavier Llimona. Two new corticolous species of Buellia (Physciaceae) from the Iberian Peninsula. Mycotaxon 75: 181-194. 2000.

ABSTRACT: Two new corticolous species of Buellia, B. iberica and B. mediterranea, are described as new to science from the Iberian Peninsula. Both taxa are widely distributed in the study area. B. iberica occurs mainly at high altitudes in the mountains and B. mediterranea at low altitudes in coastal localities. They are closely related and characterized by their ascospores, which are intermediate between the Callispora- and the Buellia-type. In the study area, the new species have been erroneously reported as Buellia disciformis (Fr.) Mudd, B. erubescens Arnold, B. chloroleuca Körb., B. sanguinolenta T. Schaur and Rinodina ericina (Nyl.) Giralt. The main distinguishing features between these taxa and the new species are briefly commented and a key is included. Habit photographs and illustrations of the ascospores of B. iberica and B. mediterranea are also provided.

KEYWORDS: Lichens, taxonomy, Buellia, Physciaceae, flora of Iberian Peninsula

Buellia iberica Giralt, p. 186
Buellia mediterranea Giralt, p. 189

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