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Novozhilov, Yuri K., Martin Schnittler, Anastasia V. Vlasenko & Konstantin A. Fefelov. Myxomycete diversity of the Altay Mts. (southwestern Siberia, Russia). Mycotaxon 111: 91–94. 2010.

ABSTRACT: A survey of 1488 records of myxomycetes found within a mountain taiga-dry steppe vegetation gradient has identified 161 species and 41 genera from the southeastern Altay mountains and adjacent territories of the high Ob’ river basin. Of these, 130 species were seen or collected in the field and 59 species were recorded from moist chamber cultures. Data analysis based on the species accumulation curve estimates that 75–83% of the total species richness has been recorded, among which 118 species are classified as rare (frequency <0.5%) and 7 species as abundant (>3% of all records). Among the 120 first species records for the Altay Mts. are 6 new records for Russia. The southeastern Altay taiga community assemblages appear highly similar to other taiga regions in Siberia but differ considerably from those documented from arid regions.

The complete and comprehensive illustrated report can be found on the Mycotaxon Regional Checklists page.

KEYWORDS: biodiversity, ecology, slime moulds

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