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Taxonomic studies on Ustilaginomycetes — 27 Kálmán Vánky 1  
Preliminary checklist of the macromycetes of the East and Middle Black Sea Regions of Turkey Ertugrul Sesli 71  
A new species and two new records of Erysiphe emend. from China Tiezhi Liu, Xueliang Bai, Yingchun Wang & Uwe Braun 75  
Two new Alternaria species from selenium-rich habitats in the Rocky Mountain Front Range Ami L. Wangeline & F. Brent Reeves 83  
Three new lichen species from the French Antilles Dag Olav Øvstedal & John A. Elix 91  
Biogeography and hosts of poroid wood decay fungi in North Carolina: species of Abortiporus, Bondarzewia, Grifola, Heterobasidion, Laetiporus, and Meripilus L. F. Grand & C. S. Vernia 99  
The Cladoniaceae of Navarino Island (Prov. Antártica Chilena, Chile) Ana Rosa Burgaz & José Raggio 103  
Cercospora habenariicola sp. nov. and some new records of cercosporoid fungi from Thailand Jamjan Meeboon, Iman Hidayat, Chiharu Nakashima & Chaiwat To-anun 117  
Taxonomic reassessment of two taxa of helotialean fungi Wen-Ying Zhuang & Chao-Yang Liu 123  
Taxonomic studies of Alternaria from China X. Two new species on Polygonum Meng Zhang & Tian-Yu Zhang 133  
Taxonomic studies of Helminthosporium from China III. Three new species in Guangdong Province Meng Zhang, Tian-Yu Zhang & Wen-Ping Wu 137  
Taxonomic studies of Curvularia from China III. Two new species on Poaceae Meng Zhang & Tian-Yu Zhang 143  
Agarics on elephant dung in Kerala State, India P. Manimohan, K. Agretious Thomas & V. S. Nisha 147  
Pyrenomycetes of the Russian Far East 2. Mollicamarops stellata gen. et sp. nov. Larissa N. Vasilyeva 159  
Macrofungi of Aydin Province, Turkey Hakan Alli, Mustafu Isiloglu, & M. Halil Solak 163  
The discovery of Amanita lilloi in Brazil Felipe Wartchow, Rodham E. Tulloss & Maria A.Q. Cavalcanti 167  
A new species of Perenniporia (Basidiomycota, Aphyllophorales) from eastern China Bao-Kai Cui, Yu-Cheng Dai & Cony Decock 175  
A new species of Haploporus (Basidiomycotina) from China Juan Li, Yu-Cheng Dai & Hai-Sheng Yuan 181  
A new species of Hygroaster (Hygrophoraceae, Agaricales) from Colombia Esperanza Franco-Molano & Carlos Alberto López-Quintero 189  
Two new records of Entyloma (Entylomatales) from China Shuanghui He & Lin Guo 197  
New records of pyrenocarpous lichenicolous fungi from Turkey Mehmet Gokhan Halici, Aysen Ozdemir Turk & Mehmet Candan 201  
Entophlyctis luteolus in the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest Carmen L. Pires-Zottarelli, Alexandra L. Gomes & Cristiane De A. Nascimento 207  
Two new species of Punctelia (Parmeliaceae) from southern Brazil Luciana S. Canez & Marcelo P. Marcelli 211  
First record of the genus Phlebopus (Basidiomycotina, Boletales) in Ecuador Gaston Guzman, Flora Castillo-Ayoui, Etelvina Gandara & Transversin Vivero 217  
A new bluing species of Psilocybe, section Stuntzii, from New Mexico, U.S.A. Gaston Guzman, Lee Walstad, Etelvina Gandara
& Florencia Ramirez-Guillen
Anthracoidea setschwanensis sp. nov. (Ustilaginales)and a new record of Anthracoidea from China Lin Guo 227  
Antrodiella semistipitata (Basidiomycetes, Polyporales), a new species from Italy Annarosa Bernicchia, Leif Ryvarden & Tatiana Baptista Gibertoni 231  
NATS truffle and truffle-like fungi 15: Genea balsleyi sp. nov. (Pyronemataceae), a new hypogeous ascomycete from New Jersey Matthew E. Smith 239  
The world’s second record of Hyalodictyum colchicum reported from Turkey Makbule Erdogdu& EElsad Huseyin 245  
The genus Ganoderma (Basidiomycota) in Iran Mohammad Fata Moradali, Ghorban Ali Hedjaroude, Hossein Mostafavi, Mehrdad Abbasi, Shirin Ghods & Abbas Sharifi-Tehrani 251  
Orbilia vermiformis sp. nov. and its anamorph Zefen Yu, Min Qiao, Ying Zhang, H.-O. Baral, & Keqin Zhang 271  
Studies on Lactarius: Two new records from Costa Rica and additional information from Mexico Leticia Montoya, Victor M. Bandala & Milagro Mata 279  
Myxomycetes from Sonora, Mexico. 3: National Forest Reserve and Wildlife Refuge, Ajos-Bavispe Marcos Lizárraga, Gabriel Moreno, Martín Esqueda, Alfonso Sánchez & Martha Coronado 291  
New species and new records of Graphis from India with partially carbonized exciples and transseptate ascopores Bharati Adawadkar & Urmila Makhija 303  
The genus Campanella in Western Australia Neale L. Bougher 327  
Hygrophorus penarioides, a new species identified using morphology and ITS sequence data S. Jacobsson & E. Larsson 337  
Hygrophorus virescens is transferred to Hygrocybe Leticia Montoya & Victor M. Bandala 345  
Two new species of Corynespora from Guangdong, China Guang-Min Zhang & Xiu-Guo Zhang 347  
Three new species of Corynespora from China Jian Ma & Xiu-Guo Zhang 353  
Taxonomic studies of Sporidesmium from Guangxi, China Cheng-Kui Shi & Xiu-Guo Zhang 359  
Taxonomic studies of Sporidesmium from China Jian Ma & Xiu-Guo Zhang 367  
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