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An index to Fries's Epicrisis Systematis Mycologici, 1838 1: AgariciniS. R. Pennycook 1
An index to Fries's Epicrisis Systematis Mycologici, 1838 2: Polyporei, Hydnei, Auricularini, Clavariei, TremellinaeS.R. Pennycook 75
Astrosphaeriella linguiformis, a new species on bambooChi Yu Chen & Jenn Wen Huang 119
Septoria malagutii sp. nov., cause of annular leaf spot of potato Erica T. Cline & Amy Y. Rossman 125
Description and phylogenetic placement of Beauveria malawiensis sp. nov. (Clavicipitaceae, Hypocreales)Stephen A. Rehner, Marilena Aquino de Muro & Joseph W. Bischoff 137
Coprinus doverii sp. nov., a unique new species of subsection Setulosi from central and southern EuropeLaszlo Nagy 147
Two new species of Kirschsteiniothelia from TaiwanChi-yu Chen, Chih Li Wang & Jenn Wen Huang 153
Aphyllophoraceous wood-inhabiting fungi on Arbutus unedo in Italy Sergio Perez Gorjon, Annarosa Bernicchia & Tatiana Baptista Gibertoni 159
Lysurus pakistanicus, a new species of Phallales from PakistanS. H. Iqbal Igbal, T. Kasuya , A. N. Khalid & A. R. Niazi 163
Two new species of Mycosphaerella on milk tree, Sapium glandulosum, from BrazilDartanha J. Soares, Douglas F. Parreira & Robert W. Barreto 169
Contributions to the macrofungi of Kastamonu province, TurkeyDursun Yagiz Yagiz, Ahmet Afyon , Muhsin Konuk & Stephan Helfer 177
Notes on some Japanese smut fungi. III. Ustilago moehringiaeCvetomir M. Denchev, Makoto Kakishima, Hyeon-Dong Shin & Seung-Kyu Lee 181
Preliminary check list of Albuginales and Peronosporales (Chromista) reported from the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic IslandsGema Garcia-Blazquez, Ovidiu Constantinescu, M.Teresa Telleria & Maria P. Martin 185
Oidium perseae-americanae sp. nov. on avocadoJ.R. Liberato & R.W. Barreto 189
Urocystis chifengensis sp. nov. (Urocystaceae) from ChinaLin Guo & Tiezhi Liu 193
Lepiotaceous fungi in California, U.S.A. — 1. Leucoagaricus amanitoides sp. nov. Else C. Vellinga & R. Michael Davis 197
Lepiotaceous fungi in California, U.S.A. — 2. Lepiota rhodophylla sp. nov.Else C. Vellinga 205
Lepiotaceous fungi in California, U.S.A. — 3. Pink and lilac species in Leucoagaricus sect. Piloselli Else C. Vellinga 213
Lepiotaceous fungi in California, U.S.A. — 4. Type studies of Lepiota fumosifolia and L. petasiformisElse C. Vellinga 225
A new species of Phaeoramularia on PapaveraceaeFeng-Yan Zhai, Ying-Lan Guo & Yu Li 233
Phoma adonidicola sp. nov. on Adonis palaestinaYan Li, Qi Wang, Ru-Hong Mei & Guo-Zhong Lu 237
A new species of Phyllachora on Peltastes peltatus (Apocynaceae) from Minas Gerais, BrazilOlinto L. Pereira & Robert W. Barreto 241
Chroodiscus himalayanus, a new species from IndiaS. Nayaka & D. K. Upreti 247
NATS truffle and truffle-like fungi 14: Pachyphloeus austro-oregonensis, a new species from southern OregonJonathan L. Frank, Darlene Southworth & James M. Trappe 253
Monodictys arctica, a new hyphomycetefrom the roots of Saxifraga oppositifolia collected in the Canadian High ArcticMelissa J. Day, Connie Fe C. Gibas, Kei E. Fujimura, Keith N. Egger & Randolph S. Currah 261
Book reviews and noticesDavid L. Hawksworth 273
Nomenclatural novelties proposed in volume 98 [pdf]   309
Author index   310
Reviewers   313
Errata   314
From the Editor–in–Chief   315

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