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Taxonomic studies on Ustilaginomycetes - 26 Kalman Vanky 1
Kalmusia amphiloga comb. nov. on Bambusa Ove E. Eriksson 67
A new species and new records of Rhytismatales from Taiwan Cheng-Lin Hou, Roland Kirschner & Chee-Jen Chen 71
Macromycetes of Pinacate and Great Altar Desert biosphere reserve, Sonora, Mexico Martin Esqueda, Martha Coronado, Alfonso Sanchez, Evangelina Perez-Silva & Teofilo Herrera 81
A new species and a new record of Lycoperdaceae from India Dipika Bisht, J.R. Sharma, Hanns Kreisel & Kanad Das 91
Notes on the type, synonyms, and other specimens of the balansioid fungus, Nigrocornus scleroticus Malcolm J. Ryley 97
Rick's species revision: Mitremyces zanchianus versus Calostoma zanchianum Iuri G. Baseia, Vagner G. Cortez & Francisco D. Calonge 113
Taxonomic studies on Indian Phellinus s.l. species: parsimony analysis using morphological characters Prasad Lamrood & Aristoteles Goes-Neto 117
Paecilomyces verticillatus, a new species isolated from soil in China Zhu Li, Yanfeng Han & Zongqi Liang 133
A monograph of the genus Cookeina (Ascomycota, Pezizales, Sarcoscyphaceae) Teresa Iturriaga & Donald H. Pfister 137
A new nematode-trapping hyphomycete of Arthrobotrys Weifeng Hu, Yan Li, Minghe Mo & Keqin Zhang 181
Hyphodontia tubuliformis, a new species from Taiwan Sheng-Hua Wu 185
Calculating minimum sample sizes for taxonomic measurements: examples using Gäumann's Peronospora spore data Andrew J. Hamilton & James H. Cunnington 189
Tricholoma borgsjoeënse, a new species from a boreal coniferous forest in Fennoscandia S. Jacobsson, S. Muskos & E. Larsson 195
A new variety of Meliola thalliformis from Brazil Dartanha J. Soares, Douglas Ferreira Parreira & Robert Weingart Barreto 201
Russula in Himalaya 2: Four new taxa Kanad Das, S.L. Miller & J.R. Sharma 205
The distinction between Menegazzia cincinnata and M. valdiviensis (Parmeliaceae) Monica T. Adler, Susana Calvelo & John A. Elix 217
NATS truffle and truffle-like fungi 13: Tuber quercicola and T. whetstonense, new species from Oregon, and T. candidum redescribed Jonathan L. Frank, Darlene Southworth & James M. Trappe 229
Two new species of Parmotrema (Parmeliaceae, Lichenized Ascomycota) from Brazil Cristine G. Donha & Sionara Eliasaro 241
Russula siamensis: a new species of annulate Russula from Thailand S. Yomyart, J. Piapukiew, R. Watling, A.J.S. Whalley & P. Sihanonth 247
Embellisia oxytropis, a new species isolated from Oxytropis kansuensis in China Qi Wang, Hideyuki Nagao, Yu-ling Li, Hong-sheng Wang & Makoto Kakishima 255
Some hyphomycetes from Brazil. Two new species of Brachydesmiella, two new combinations for Repetophragma, and new records Rafael F. Castaneda-Ruiz, Luis Fernando Pascholati Gusmao, Gabriela Heredia Abarca & Masatoshi Saikawa 261
Russula in Himalaya 3: A new species of subgenus Ingratula Kanad Das, J.R. Sharma & N.S. Atri 271
Wallemia, a genus newly recorded from China Guangyu Sun, Miao Zhang, Rong Zhang, Huining Ma & Mark L. Gleason 277
Phialophora sessilis, a lithobiont fungus Giuseppe Caretta, Solveig Tosi, Eduardo Piontelli & G.S. de Hoog 281
Revision of Termitomyces species originally described from China B.-H. Tang, T.-Z. Wei & Y.-J. Yao 285
Two new species of Marasmius (Basidiomycota, Marasmiaceae) from Brazil Carla Puccinelli & Marina Capelari 295
Geastrum hirsutum: a new earthstar fungus with a hairy exoperidium I.G. Baseia & F.D. Calonge 301
Tricholoma lavendulophyllum, a new species from Yunnan, China Fu-Qiang Yu, Yun Wang & Pei-Gui Liu 305
Changes and additions to the North American lichen mycota — V Kerry Knudsen & James C. Lendemer 309
Four new lichens from Turkey Kenan Yazici & Ali Aslan 315
Two new species in the genus Morchella (Pezizales, Morchellaceae) from China Shu-Hong Li, Yong-Chang Zhao, Hong-Mei Chai & Ming-Hui Zhong 319
Notes on some species of the lichen genus Lecidea from India D.K. Upreti, S. Nayaka & M.P. Andreev 323
Contributions to the macrofungi of Bolu and Düzce Provinces, Turkey Dursun Yagiz, Ahmet Afyon, Muhsin Konuk & Stephan Helfer 331
First isolation of Aphanomyces frigidophilus (Saprolegniales) in Europe Isabel Ballesteros, Maria P. Martin & Javier Dieguez-Uribeondo 335
Nomenclatural novelties proposed in volume 95[pdf]   341
Author index for volume 95   343
Reviewers for volume 95   347
Errata for volume 94   348
From the Editor-in-Chief   349

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