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TABLE OF CONTENTS, MYCOTAXON Volume 94, our current volume

Tuber umbilicatum, a new species from China, with a key to the spinose-reticulate spored Tuber species Juan Chen, Pei-Gui Liu & Yun Wang 1
Blumenavia toribiotalpaensis: a new species of Clathraceae from Jalisco, Mexico Yalma Luisa Vargas-Rodriguez & Jose Antonio Vazquez-Garcia 7
Studies on Basidiomycetes in Greece 1: The genus Crepidotus Z. Gonou-Zagou & P. Delivorias 15
The lichen flora of the Termessos National Park in Southwestern Turkey Ozge Tufan, Huseyin Sumbul & Aysen Ozdemir Turk 43
Two new species of Anthracoidea (Ustilaginales) from China Lin Guo 47
A new species of Lepiota (Agaricaceae, Basidiomycetes) from China Han-Chen Wang & Zhu-Liang Yang 51
ITS sequence analysis and ascomatal development of Pseudogymnoascus roseus Y. Jiang & Y. -J. Yao 55
Morphological and molecular characterization of the mycorrhizas of Inocybe rufuloides and I. splendens Mirco Iotti, Mauro Marchetti, Enrico Bonuso & Alessandra Zambonelli 75
Russula in Himalaya 1: A new species of subgenus Amoenula K. Das, S.L. Miller, J.R. Sharma, P. Sharma & R.P. Bhatt 85
Streptopodium passiflorae comb. nov. on Passiflora rubra J. R. Liberato & R. W. Barreto 89
Type revision of three Termitomyces species from India B. -H. Tang, T. -Z. Wei & Y. -J. Yao 93
A review of the genus Gyromitra (Ascomycota, Pezizales, Discinaceae) in Mexico Rosario Medel 103
A new species and a new record of Lepiota occurring in the Gulf of Mexico area Leticia Montoya & Victor M. Bandala 111
The connection of Dothidotthia aspera (Botryosphaeriaceae) to a hyphomycetous anamorphic fungus, Thyrostroma negundinis Annette W. Ramaley 127
A new species of Pertusaria from Western Australia Alan W. Archer & John A. Elix 133
Molecular evidence for the taxonomic status of Metarhizium taii and its teleomorph, Cordyceps taii (Hypocreales, Clavicipitaceae) Bo Huang, Chunru Li, Richard A. Humber, Kathie T. Hodge, Meizhen Fan & Zengzhi Li 137
Vamsapriya indica gen. et sp. nov., a bambusicolous, synnematous fungus from India Puja Gawas & Darbhe Jayarama Bhat 149
Two new species of Hypogymnia (Lecanorales, Ascomycota) with pruinose lobe tips from China Xinli Wei & Jiangchun Wei 155
Discovery and description of a teleomorph for Leptographium koreanum H. Masuya, J.-J. Kim, M. J. Wingfield, Y. Yamaoka, S. Kaneko, C. Breuil & G.-H. Kim 159
Two parasitic fungi on a new host, Syringa (Oleaceae) Ovidiu Constantinescu, Vadim A. Mel'nik & Gerard, J.M. Verkley 175
Further notes on the molecular taxonomy of Metarhizium Bo Huang, Richard A. Humber, Shigui Li, Zengzhi Li & Kathie T. Hodge 181
The genus Hymenochaete (Basidiomycota, Hymenomycetes) in the Hawaiian Islands Erast Parmasto & Robert L. Gilbertson 189
A new predatory fungus from China Dongshen Yang , Weimin Chen , Ying Huang , Minghe Mo & Keqin Zhang 215
New species of sterile crustose lichens from Australasia John A. Elix 219
Some interesting pyrenomycetous fungi on bark of Quercus spp. from Spain Julia Checa & M.N. Blanco 225
Biogeography and hosts of poroid wood decay fungi in North Carolina: species of Fomes, Fomitopsis, Fomitella and Ganoderma L.F. Grand & C.S. Vernia 231
Two new species of Ramaria from southwestern China Ping Zhang, Zhu-Liang Yang & Zai-Wei Ge 235
The world's second record of Neoheteroceras flageoletii reported from Turkey Elsad Huseyin, Faruk Selcuk & Ahmet Sahin 241
Lewia chlamidosporiformans sp. nov. from Euphorbia heterophylla Bruno S. Vieira & Robert W. Barreto 245
Weddellomyces turcicus, a new species on a grey Acarospora from Turkey M. Gokhan Halici, Alan Orange & Ahmet Aksoy 249
Cordyceps spegazzinii sp. nov., a new species of the C. militaris group Monica S. Torres, James F. White, Jr. & Joseph F. Bischoff 253
A phylogeny of Ramariopsis and allied taxa Ricardo Garcia-Sandoval, Joaquin Cifuentes, Efrain De Luna, Arturo Estrada-Torres & Margarita Villegas 265
A dichotomous key to Scutellospora species (Gigasporaceae, Glomeromycota) using morphological characters Gladstone A. Silva, Leonor C. Maia & Sidney L. Sturmer 293
New species and phylogenetic relationships of Hypoxylon species found in Thailand inferred from the internal transcribed spacer regions of ribosomal DNA sequences N. Suwannasai, S. Rodtong, S. Thienhirun & A.J.S. Whalley 303
Tricholoma equestre, the correct name for T. flavovirens (Agaricales) H. Deng & Y.-J. Yao 325
A new species of Lecanicillium isolated from the white pine weevil, Pissodes strobi Harry Kope & Isabel Leal 331
Two new species of Hymenochaetaceae from eastern China Yu-Cheng Dai & Bao-Kai Cui 341
Some entomogenous fungi from Wuyishan and Zhangjiajie Nature Reserves 2. Three new species of the genus Hirsutella Zongqi Liang, Yanfeng Han, Aiying Liu & Jianzhong Huang 349
Paecilomyces parvosporus, a new species with its relatives from Yunnan Province, China Yanfeng Han, Zongqi Liang, Huali Chu & Jichuan Kang 357
Notes on Otidea from Xinjiang, China Wen-Ying Zhuang 365
Book reviews and notices David L. Hawksworth 371
Nomenclatural novelties proposed in volume 94 [pdf]   393
Author index for volume 94   394
Reviewers for volume 94   398
Errata for volume 93   400

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