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The taxonomy of Echinochaete and Polyporus s. str. in southern South America Rosa Mara Borges da Silveira & Jorge Eduardo Wright1
Type studies of some Ganoderma species from China D.-M. Wang, X.-Q. Zhang & Y.-J. Yao61
Parmeliaceae (Ascomycota) lichens in China's mainland. IV. Melanelia species new to China Jian-Bin Chen & Theodore L. Esslinger71
Myxomycetes from Chihuahua, Mexico III M. Lizarraga, G. Moreno, C. Illana & H. Singer75
A new species of Morchella (Pezizales, Ascomycota) from southwestern China Ji-Yue Chen & Pei-Gui Liu89
A new species of Psilocybe (Agaricales, Strophariaceae) from southern Brazil Gaston Guzman & Vagner Gularte Cortez95
Some new species and new records of discomycetes in China. XII Wen-Ying Zhuang 99
On three foliicolous Hyaloscyphaceae on Dryas Andrzej Chlebicki & Marketa Sukova105
Cercospora agavicola — a new foliar pathogen of Agave tequilana var. azul from Mexico Victoria Ayala-Escobar, Maria de Jesus Yanez-Morales, Uwe Braun, Johannes Z. Groenewald & Pedro W. Crous115
Albatrellus ginnsii sp.nov. A.B. De123
A new combination in Lacrymaria (Agaricales) Vagner Gularte Cortez & Gilberto Coelho129
A new species of Vizella from Australia James Cunnington135
Sulcatistroma nolinae (Calosphaeriales), and its Phialophora-like anamorph Annette W. Ramaley139
Oidium stachytarphetae on Stachytarpheta, emended: new from Australia and New Caledonia J.R. Liberato, I.G. Pascoe, S.D. Campbell, J.G. Wright & R.G. Shivas 145
Two Microbotryum species from the Himalayas Andrzej Chlebicki & Marketa Sukova149
Tuber furfuraceum sp. nov. from Taiwan Hung-Tao Hu & Yun Wang155
A new species and a new record of Anthracoidea (Ustilaginales) from China Lin Guo & Shengrong Wang159
Ascocoryne striata, comb. nov. Viktor Kucera & Pavel Lizon163
Inocutis subdryophila (Basidiomycota), a new polypore from China Yu-Cheng Dai & Hai-Sheng Yuan167
Two new species of Steccherinum (Basidiomycota) from China Hai-Sheng Yuan & Yu-Cheng Dai173
New records and a new species of Canalisporium from aquatic habitats in Panama Astrid Ferrer & Carol A. Shearer179
Amanita distribution in the Americas with comparison to eastern and southern Asia and notes on spore character variation with latitude and ecology Rodham E. Tulloss189
Penicillium brevistipitatum, a new species isolated from Jilin Province, China Long Wang & Wen-Ying Zhuang 233
NATS truffle and truffle-like fungi 11: Hymenogaster raphanodorus sp. nov. (Cortinariaceae) Matthew E. Smith, James M. Trappe & David M. Rizzo241
Genetic similarity and taxonomic relationships within the genus Pleurotus (higher Basidiomycetes) determined by RAPD analysis Mirjana Stajic, Johannes Sikorski, Solomon P. Wasser & Eviatar Nevo247
Type studies on Albatrellus henanensis and A. jianfenglingensis Huan-Di Zheng & Pei-Gui Liu257
First record of Leptosphaeria raphani on Draba aspera found on the Balkan Peninsula Jelena Vukojevic, Milica Ljaljevic Grbic, Branka Stevanovic & Vladimir Stevanovic265
Myxomycetes of the Western Black Sea region of TurkeyC. Cem Ergul, Basaran Dulger, R. Batur Oran & Hasan Akgul269
A new Lepraria species from Gough Island, South Atlantic Ocean John A. Elix, Dag Olav Ovstedal & Niek J.M. Gremmen273
Changes and additions to the checklist of North American Lichens — III Kerry Knudsen & James C. Lendemer277
Taxonomic studies of Alternaria 9: two new species and two new records from China Xia Sun, Meng Zhang & Tian-Yu Zhang283
Changes and additions to the North American lichen flora. IV. Kerry Knudsen & James C. Lendemer289
A new species and its phylogenetic placement in the Didymella/Phoma complex (Phaeosphaeriaceae, Pleosporales) Monica S. Torres , James F. White, Jr., Guadalupe Cazares, Marshall Bergen, Joseph F. Bischoff & Raymond F. Sullivan297
Hypoderma qinlingense sp. nov. on Sabina squamata from China* Ying-Mei Liang, Cheng-Ming Tian, Zhi-Min Cao, Jun-Xiu Yang & Makoto Kakishima309
Melanogaster utriculatus sp. nov. from Japan Yun Wang, Michael A. Castellano & James M. Trappe315
A study of wood decaying macrofungi of the western Black Sea Region, Turkey Ahmet Afyon, Mushin Konuk, Dursun Yagiz & Stephan Helfer319
The species of Entyloma (Ustilaginomycetes) on Convolvulaceae Marcin Piatek323
Three new rust species (Uredinales) from Turkey Zeliha Bahcecioglu, Sanli Kabaktepe & Bayram Yildiz327
Plenodomus morganjonesii sp. nov. and a discussion of the genus Plenodomus Monica S. Torres, Marshall Bergen, Shruti Singh, Joseph Bischoff, Raymond F. Sullivan & James F. White, Jr.333
NATS truffle and truffle-like fungi 12: Rhizopogon ater sp. nov. and R. brunsii sp. nov. (Rhizopogonaceae, Basidiomycota) Lisa C. Grubisha, James M. Trappe, Adrian R. Beyerle & Dan Wheeler345
Coprophilous mycobiota of OmanAbdulkadir E. Elshafie355
Six new lichen records from TurkeyKenan Yazici & Ali Aslan359
Five trans-septate species of Hemithecium from India Urmila Makhija, Archana Dube, Bharati Adawadkar & Gayatri Chitale365
Leptogium diffractum in Slovakia and Czech Republic (lichenized Ascomycota) Anna Guttova & Per Magnus Jorgensen373
Taxonomic revision of the myxomycetes from Cuba deposited in the Farlow Herbarium (USA)M. Camino, G. Moreno & A. Castillo379
A new species of Leptosphaeria (Ascomycotina, Pleosporales) on Rosaceae from Bolivia Manuel J. Macia , Mary E. Palm & Maria P. Martin 401
Reinventing taxonomy: a curmudgeon's view of 250 years of fungal taxonomy, the crisis in biodiversity, and the pitfalls of the phylogenetic age
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Richard P. Korf407
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