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TABLE OF CONTENTS, MYCOTAXON Volume 89 (1), January-March 2004

Greetings from the new Editor-in-Chief Lorelei L. Norvell covers
2 & 3
Victor M. Bandala & Leticia Montoya 1
New and interesting species of Russula from the southeastern United States 1. Russula billsii Steven L. Miller 31
Suttoniella arnaudii sp. nov. (Coelomycetes),
on dead leaves of Buxus sempervirens

Pilar Hoyo & Antonio Gómez-Bolea 39
Lactarius subgenus Piperites: a new species
and a new name

Leticia Montoya & Victor M. Bandala 47
Taxonomic studies on Ustilaginomycetes - 24 Kálmán Vánky 55
A new species of Microstoma from Taiwan Yei-Zeng Wang 119
Further new species in the genus Pertusaria
(Lichenized Ascomycota) from Thailand

Sureeporn Jariangprasert, Alan W. Archer & Vilaiwan Anusarnsunthorn 123
Cryptosporiopsis actinidiae sp. nov. P. R. Johnston, M. A. Manning, X. Meier, D. Park & R. A. Fullerton 131
Variability of spore length in some species of the genus Preussia (Sporormiella) F. Arenal, G. Platas & F. Peláez 137
Vezdaea rheocarpa new to North America Martin Westberg 153
Aspergillus, Penicillium and related species reported from Turkey Ahmet Asan 155
Interesting Gasteromycetes from Catamarca and La Rioja (Argentina). 1 María M. Dios, Gabriel Moreno & Alberto Altés 159
Proposed list of extinct, rare and/or endangered macrolichens in Wisconsin James P. Bennett & Clifford M. Wetmore 169
Biogeography and hosts of poroid wood decay fungi in North Carolina: species of Phellinus and Schizopora L. F. Grand & C. S. Vernia 181
First record of Scytinopogon from Mexico, with notes on its systematics Ricardo García-Sandoval, Joaquín Cifuentes & Margarita Villegas 185
New species of Asterina in HMAS, China Bin Song & Tai-Hui Li 193
Studies on the genus Asteridiella of China 2 Bin Song & Tai-Hui Li 201
A new species of Perrotia from New Zealand Gerard J. M. Verkley 205
Book reviews and notices David L Hawksworth 211

TABLE OF CONTENTS, MYCOTAXON Volume 89 (2), April-June 2004

Glomus insculptum, a new arbuscular mycorrhizal species from Poland Janusz Blaszkowski, Iwona Adamska & Beata Czerniawska 225
A new aquatic nematode-trapping hyphomycete Yu'e Hao, Jing Luo & Keqin Zhang 235
Notes on dictyosporic hyphomycetes from China IV. The genus Berkleasmium Guo-zhu Zhao & Tian-yu Zhang 241
Glomus hyderabadensis, a new species: its taxonomy and phylogenetic comparison with related species S. Swarupa Rani, I. K. Kunwar, G. S. Prasad & C. Manoharachary 245
Changes and additions to the checklist of North American Lichens. - I James C. Lendemer 255
Synopsis and systematic reconsideration of Karlingiomyces (Chytridiomycota) Will H. Blackwell, Peter M. Letcher & Martha J. Powell 259
A note on some morphological features of Chorioactis geaster (Pezizales, Ascomycota) Donald H. Pfister & Shuichi Kurogi 277
Hypogeous fungi from the southeastern United States 3. The genus Macowanites Steven L. Miller 283
Lactarius in Kumaon Himalaya 2: New and interesting species of subgenus Plinthogali Kanad Das & J. R. Sharma 289
Two new Hyphomycetes from rainforests of Mexico, and Briansuttonia, a new genus to accommodate Corynespora alternarioides Rafael F. Castañeda Ruiz, Gabriela P. Heredia, Rosa Maria Arias, Masatoshi Saikawa, David W. Minter, Marc Stadler, Josep Guarro, & Cony Decock 297
Two new species and a new record of Anthracoidea (Ustilaginales) from China Hucheng Zhang & Lin Guo 307
A revision of the types of Diderma subcaeruleum and D. globosum var. europaeum H. Singer, G. Moreno & C. Illana 311
Additional new species in the lichen family Graphidaceae (Lichenised Ascomycota) from the Solomon Islands Alan W. Archer 321
Hydropus kauffmanii, first records from Europe Pierre-Arthur Moreau & Régis Courtecuisse 331
Revision and nomenclature of several boletes in China Q.-B. Wang & Y.-J. Yao 341
Pluteus thomsonii (Pluteaceae): A northern agaric found in South America Felipe Wartchow, Vagner Gularte Cortez & Gilberto Coelho 349
The Stropharioideae (Strophariaceae, Agaricales) from Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Vagner Gularte Cortez & Gilberto Coelho 355
Megasporoporia (Aphyllophorales, Basidiomycota) in China Yu-Cheng Dai & Sheng-Hua Wu 379
Notes on the genus Antrodiella (Basidiomycota, Aphyllophorales) in China Yu-Cheng Dai 389
New species of marasmioid genera (Basidiomycetes, Tricholomataceae) from tropical Africa III. Marasmius sect. Sicci Vladimír Antonín 399
New species of marasmioid genera (Basidiomycetes, Tricholomataceae) from tropical Africa IV. Four new taxa of the genus Marasmius and one new combination Vladimír Antonín 423
Sebacinoid species from the Pakaraima Mountains of Guyana Terry W. Henkel, Peter Roberts & M. Catherine Aime 433
Comparative analysis of common indoor Cladosporium species based on molecular data and conidial characters Houng G. Park, J. R. Managbanag, Elena K. Stamenova & Shung-Chang Jong 441
The genus Astraeus in Thailand C. Phosri, R. Watling, M. P. Martín & A. J. S. Whalley 453
Taxonomic reconsideration of Epicoccum nigrum and Phoma epicoccina based on DNA sequences and morphological observations F. Arenal, G. Platas & F. Peláez 465
Notes on indoor fungi I: New records and noteworthy fungi from indoor environments De-Wei Li & Chin S. Yang 473
Notes on dictyostelid cellular slime molds from Taiwan (2): Dictyostelium exiguum and its ITS-5.8S rDNA sequences Zeng-Yung Yeh & May-Jane Chen 489
A new and unusual species of Inocybe (Inosperma clade) from tropical Africa P. Brandon Matheny & Roy Watling 497
A new species of Parmotrema (Ascomycota: Parmeliaceae) from Portugal Graciela Paz-Bermédez & John A. Elix 505
Book reviews and notices David L. Hawksworth 509
Mycotaxon changes redux: Online index & new submission protocols [pdf] Lorelei L. Norvell 521
Nomenclatural novelties proposed in volume 89 [word doc]   522
Author index
Errata   528
Reviewers   529
Publication date for volume 89(1)   529
Index to Fungous and Lichen Taxa, Volume 89 [word doc]   530
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