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TABLE OF CONTENTS, MYCOTAXON Volume 88, October-December 2003

Freshwater ascomycetes: Cyanoannulus petersenii, a new genus and species from submerged wood Huzefa A. Raja, Jinx Campbell & Carol A. Shearer 1
Annotated basic references of novel fungal taxa introduced from the Middle East (1940-2000) Jean Mouchacca 19
Foliicolous lichens and their lichenicolous ascomycetes from Yunnan and Taiwan André Aptroot, Lidia I. Ferraro, Ming-Jou Lai, Harrie J. M. Sipman & Laurens B. Sparrius 41
Nomenclature and typification of Ramularia grevilleana U. Braun & S. R. Pennycook 49
New species of marasmioid genera (Basidiomycetes, Tricholomataceae) from tropical Africa - II. Gloiocephala, Marasmius, Setulipes and two new combinations Vladimír Antonín 53
Pandora uroleuconii sp. nov. (Zygomycetes: Entomopthoraceae), a new pathogen of aphids Marek Barta & Ludovit Cagan 79
Three new ascomycetes from a tropical Australian rainforest Barbara C. Paulus, Margaret E. Barr, Paul Gadek & Kevin D. Hyde 87
New or rarely reported lichenicolous fungi and lichens from the Canadian Arctic M. Zhurbenko & F. J. A. Daniëls 97
Contribution to the study of the genus Calvatia (Lycoperdaceae) in Brazil Iuri Goulart Baseia 107
Arrhenia eburnea sp. nov. from Spain José María Barrasa, Víctor J. Rico & Manuel Villarreal 113
Mycosphaerella veratri-lobeliani (Ascomycetes), sp. nov. Violeta I. Fakirova & Cvetomir M. Denchev 119
Diacheopsis spinosifila, a synonym of Lepidoderma didermoides G. Moreno, H. Singer & C. Illana 123
Phytophthora nemorosa, a new species causing cankers and leaf blight of forest trees in California and Oregon, U.S.A. E. M. Hansen, P. Reeser, J. M. Davidson, M. Garbelotto, K. Ivors, L. Douhan & D. M. Rizzo 129
A new species of Acanthothecis from India Urmila Makhija & Bharati Adawadkar 139
New species in the lichen family Graphidaceae (Ascomycota) from Australia and the Solomon Islands Alan W. Archer 143
New species and records in the lichen family Parmeliaceae (Ascomycota) from India P. K. Divakar, D. K. Upreti, G. P. Sinha & J. A. Elix 149
Materials for a hypogeous mycoflora of the Great Basin and adjacent cordilleras of the western United States. IX. A new name for Peziza quercicola Fogel & States (Ascomycota, Pezizales) Robert Fogel & Jack States 155
Igneocumulus yuccae, a fungus with evanescent asci and a Lecythophora-like anamorph Annette W. Ramaley 157
Alternaria themes and variations (310-335). Species on Malvaceae Emory G. Simmons 163
A new white-rot polypore from Italy Annarosa Bernicchia & Leif Ryvarden 219
Amanita siamensis, a new species of Amanita from Thailand Rarunee Sanmee, Zhu L. Yang, Pipob Lumyong & Saisamorn Lumyong 225
The genus Mycorrhaphium in Africa D. C. Mossebo & Leif Ryvarden 229
Impudentia crioceris, a new genus and species of dematiaceous hyphomycetes on two Crioceris insects in Québec, Canada Vladimir Vujanovic, Gérard Mailloux, Chantal Hamel & Marc St-Arnaud 233
A record of Muscodor albus, an endophyte from Myristica fragrans in Thailand Kathawut Sopalun, Gary A. Strobel, W. M. Hess & Jeerapun Worapong 239
Amanitaceae reported from India. A critically annotated checklist R. P. Bhatt, R. E. Tulloss, K. C. Semwal, V. K. Bhatt, J.-M. Moncalvo & S. L. Stephenson 249
The affinities of Thyridaria Margaret E. Barr 271
Preliminary checklist of Agaricales from Croatia V: Families Crepidotaceae, Russulaceae and Strophariaceae Zdenko Tkalcec & Armin Mesic 279
Revision of the family Stemonitaceae in Cuba M. Camino, G. Moreno, A. Castillo & C. Illana 315
New species of Lactarius from Kumaon Himalaya, India Kanad Das, Jai R. Sharma & Annemieke Verbeken 333
New species and new records of Bionectriaceae and Nectriaceae (Hypocreales) from China Xiang-Min Zhang & Wen-Ying Zhuang 343
Macrofungus flora of the Lagoon of Venice and adjacent areas (Italy). Non-gilled Basidiomycetes. III. Polyporoid, hydnoid, clavarioid Aphyllophorales and Heterobasidiomycetes Cristiano Losi 349
Lignicolous aphyllophoroid Basidiomycota in an Atlantic Forest fragment in the semi-arid Caatinga region of Brazil Aristóteles Góes-Neto, Marcos Fábio de Oliveira Marques, Jorge Dias Andrade & Daniela Silva Santos 359
A new record of Pestalotiopsis theae, existing as an endophyte on Cinnamomum iners in Thailand Jeerapun Worapong, Suthum Inthararaungsorn, Gary A. Strobel & W. M. Hess 365
Lignicolous homobasidiomycetes newly recorded from Taiwan Sheng-Hua Wu 373
New and interesting species of Lactarius from India J. R. Sharma & Kanad Das 377
A new species of Albotricha from Taiwan Mei-Lee Wu 387
On C. G. Mosig's lichen herbarium, with emphasis on type material of lichens and fungi Volker Otte 393
Inocybe angustispora, I. taedophila, and Cortinarius aureifolius: an unusual inocyboid Cortinarius P. Brandon Matheny & Joseph F. Ammirati 401
Myxomycetes from Chihuahua, Mexico M. Lizárraga, G. Moreno, H. Singer & C. Illana 409
Myxomycetes of the State of Sinaloa, (Mexico) II M. Lizárraga, G. Moreno, C. Illana & F. Solis 425
First record of Termitomyces entolomoides in China T.-Z. Wei, Y.-J. Yao & T.-H. Li 433
A new species of Boletus from Gansu Province, China Q.-B. Wang, T.-H. Li & Y.-J. Yao 439
Type studies on Clitocybe macrospora and Xerula furfuracea var. bispora Zhu L. Yang & Li F. Zhang 447
Amanita yenii, a new species of Amanita section Lepidella Zhu L. Yang & Chien M. Chen 455
A new species, Pisolithus abditus, an ectomycorrhizal fungus associated with dipterocarps in Thailand J. Kanchanaprayudh, Z. Zhou, S. Yomyart, P. Sihanonth, T. Hogetsu & R. Watling 463
Anthracoidea stenocarpae, the orthographically correct name for a species described from Thian Shan Andrzej Chlebicki 469
The genus Pertusaria on the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands. I. Subgenus Pertusaria Montserrat Boqueras & Xavier Llimona 471
Has dual nomenclature for fungi run its course? The Article 59 debate Walter Gams, Richard P. Korf, John I. Pitt, David L. Hawksworth, Mary L. Berbee, Paul M. Kirk, edited by Keith A. Seifert 493
Fundamentals for suppression of dual nomenclature in pleomorphic fungi and integration of anamorphic fungi (deuteromycetes) into the Ascomycota and Basidiomycota Grégoire L. Hennebert 509
Instructions to Authors (revised October 2003) 515
Nomenclatural novelties proposed in Mycotaxon volume 88 527
Author Index, Volume 88 529
Index to fungous and lichen taxa, Volume 88 534
Errata 551
Reviewers, Volume 88 552
Publication date for Volume 87 552
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