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Microfungi associated with the wood-boring beetles Saperda calcarata (poplar borer) and Cryptorhynchus lapathi (poplar and willow borer) Julia Kerrigan & Jack D. Rogers 1
Parmeliaceae (Ascomycota) lichens in China's mainland I. The genera Canomaculina, Parmelina, Parmelinella and Parmelinopsis Jian-Bin Chen, Sheng-Lan Wang & John A. Elix 19
Graphina streblocarpa, Graphina subserpentina (Graphidaceae, lichenised Ascomycota) and their synonyms Alan W. Archer 31
Annotated list of non-poroid Aphyllophorales of Belarus Eugene O. Yurchenko 37
Additional notes and new records on the lichen genus Hypotrachyna (Parmeliaceae) from India P. K. Divakar & D. K. Upreti 67
Characterization of Ustilago tritici and U. nuda on wheat and barley. I. Teliospore morphology Bahram Sharifnabi, D. K. Aharwal & Neena Mitter 77
Characterization of Ustilago tritici and U. nuda on wheat and barley. II. RAPD analysis Bahram Sharifnabi, Neena Mitter & D. K. Agarwal 87
Urocystis sichuanensis sp. nov. (Urocystales) and a Urocystis new to China Lin Guo 99
Biodiversity inventory of dictyostelid cellular slime molds in Taiwan Zeng-Yung Yeh 103
A new Peniophora from Paraguay Orlando F. Popoff & Jorge E. Wright 111
A neglected publication by Elias Fries — Anteckningar öfver de i Sverige växande ätliga Svampar, 1836 S. R. Pennycook 115
The Italian checklist of macrofungi: distribution of selected target species in Siena Province, Italy E Salerni, C. Perini, D. Rocchini, A. Laganà & V De Dominicis 123
New or interesting Greenland lichens and lichenicolous fungi V Eric Steen Hansen 149
Glomus spinuliferum, a new ornamented species in the Glomales Fritz Oehl, Andres Wiemken & Ewald Sieverding 157
Caloplaca coeruleofrigida sp. nova, a lichen from continental Antarctica Ulrik Søchting & Rod Seppelt 163
Proposing Morganella subgen. Apioperdon subgen. nov. for the puffball Lycoperdon pyriforme Dirk Krüger & Haans Kreisel 169
Another new bluing species of Psilocybe from Georgia, U.S.A. Gastón Guzmán, Richard T. Hanlin & Craig White 179
The lichen family Physciaceae (Ascomycota) in China V. The genus Physconia Jian-Bin Chen & Guang-Rong Hu 185
A new microcolonial rock-inhabiting fungus from marble in Chersonesos (Crimea, Ukraine) E. V. Bogomolova & D. W. Minter 195
First checklist of macrofungi for the Deep Woods all taxa biodiversity inventory, Hocking County, Ohio, USA Cynthia L. Riccardi & Sarah Bashore 205
Ophiostoma quercus or Ophiostoma querci? Z. W. de Beer, H. F. Glen, B. D. Wingfield & M. J. Wingfield 211
Some new records and species of dryadicolous fungi from Greenland and northern Asia Andrzej Chlebicki & Ain Raitviir 215
Entoloma alliodorum, a new species of subgenus Claudopus with a garlic odour F. Esteve-Raventós & A. Ortega 227
A field survey of the genus Cladonia (Ascomycotina) in Manitoba, Canada Michele D. Piercey-Normore 233
A first check-list of Peronosporaceae from Korea Hyeon-Dong Shin & Young-Joon Choi 249
First record of Erysiphe weigelae from Korea and its anamorph Hyeon-Dong Shin & Young-Joon Choi 269
The Hypocreaceae of China VI. A new species of the genus Hypocrea Pei-Gui Liu, Xiang-Hua Wang, Fu-Qiang Yu, Huan-Di Zheng & Juan Chen 277
A study of the type and additional materials of Boletus thibetanus Zhu L. Yang, X. H. Wang & M. Binder 283
Re-dispositions of Phillipsia (Pezizales) collections from China Wen-ying Zhuang 291
Type studies of neotropical Collybia species Juan L. Mata & Ronald H. Petersen 303
The genus Agrocybe in Kerala State, India K. Agretious Thomas & P. Manimohan 317
A new species, Ceriporia lacerata, isolated from white-rotted wood Hiroto Suhara, Nitaro Maekawa, Shuhei Kaneko, Tsutomu Hattori, Kokki Sakai & Ryuichiro Kondo 335
Taxonomic revision of six taxa in the lichen genus Collema Hua-jie Liu & Hiang-chun Wei 349
Parmeliaceae (Ascomycota) lichens in China's mainland II. The genus Hypotrachyna Jian-Bin Chen, Lei Xu, Zhi-Guang Qian & John A. Elix 359
A new species of Lachnum on leaves of Livistona and a key to the Chinese species of the genus Wen-ying Zhuang 375
New species and new records in the lichen family Parmeliaceae (Ascomycota) from Macaronesia John A. Elix & Felix Schumm 383
A new species of Lignosus (Polyporaceae) from Cameroon C. Douanla-Meli & E. Langer 389
Type studies of Gymnopilus (Agaricales) I Laura Guzmán-Dávalos 395
Pleurotus araucariicola is Pleurotus pulmonarius Bernardo E. Lechner, Edgardo Albertó & Ronald H. Petersen 425
Resurrection of Blistum tomentosum and its exclusion from Polycephalomyces (Hyphomycetes, Deuteromycota) based on 28S rDNA sequence data Joseph F. Bischoff, Raymond F. Sullivan, Lena Struwe, Nigel L. Hywel-Jones & James F. White 433
The lichen family Physciaceae (Ascomycota) in Xhina VI. The genus Pyxine Guang-Rong Hu & Jian-Bin Chen 445
The genera Cystoderma and Cystodermella (Tricholomataceae) in temperate Eurasia Irja Saar 455
Spermosporina gymnadeniae sp. nov. on Gymnadenia sp. (Orchidaceae) Wieslaw Mulenko, Uwe Braun & Agata Wolczanska 475
Book reviews and notices David L. Hawksworth 479
Nomenclatural novelties proposed in Mycotaxon volume 86   493
Author index, Volume Eighty-six   495
Index to fungous and lichen taxa, Volume Eighty-Six   499
Errata   519
Editorial changes coming for Mycotaxon Pavel Lizon & Richard P. Korf 529
Reviewers, Volume Eighty-six   531
Publication Date for Volume Eighty-Five   531
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