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Fungi of the eastern Carpathians (Ukraine) - important works by Albert Pilát, and locations of his collecting sites Jan Holec 1
Phylogeny of agarics: partial systematics solutions for core omphalinoid genera in the Agaricales (euagarics) Scott A. Redhead, François Lutzoni, Jean-Marc Moncalvo, & Rytas Vilgalys 19
Pluteus section Pluteus (Pluteaceae, Agaricales) from Kerala State, India C. K. Pradeep, K. B. Vrinda & T. K. Abraham 59
Revision of Amanita collections from Jilin Province, northeastern China Zhu L. Yang 67
Limacella taiwanensis, a new species of Agaricales Zhu L. Yang & W. N. Chou 77
Corticioid fungi (Basidiomycetes) collected in Sichuan Province, China Nitaro Maekawa, Zhu L. Yang & Mu Zang 81
Mycodiversity studies in selected ecosystems of Greece: II. Macrofungi associated with conifers in Taygetos Mountain (Peloponnese) Georgios I. Zervakis, Dimitrios M. Dimou, Elias Polemis & Mitko Karadelev 97
Alternaria themes and variations (305-309). Lewia/Alternaria revisited Emory G. Simmons 127
Mycoflora of Pistacia vera in the Central Valley, California Wei-Qun Chen, Nephtali Ntahimpera, Dave P. Morgan & Themis J. Michailides 147
Glomus spinosum sp. nov. in the Glomaceae from Taiwan Hung-Tao Hu 159
Index of fungi described from the Zingiberaceae B. Bussaban, P. Lumyong, E. H. C. McKenzie, K. D. Hyde & S. Lumyong 165
The question of the separation of Diplochytridium from Chytridium sensu lato Will H. Blackwell, Peter M. Letcher & Martha J. Powell 183
Tuber huidongense sp. nov. from China Yun Wang & Xingyuan He 191
The genus Psilocybe in Kerala State, India K. Agretious Thomas, P. Manimohan, Gastón Guzmán, Fidel Tapia & Florencia Ramírez-Guillén 195
Two new polypores (Basidiomycota) from Taiwan Yu-Cheng Dai, Sheng-Hua Wu & Wen-Neng Chou 209
Fomitiporia tibetica, a new species of Hymenochaetaceae Yu-Cheng Dai & Mu Zang 217
Studies in neotropical polypores 16. Rubroporus carneoporis genus & species nova Clarice Loguercio-Leite, Leif Ryvarden & Claudia Groposo 223
Morphological and cultural differentiation of described species of Alternaria from Poaceae Frank M. Dugan & Tobin L. Peever 229
Crossopsora piperis, a new rust species from Brazil Reinhard Berndt, Francisco Freire & Cléber N. Bastos 265
Aspergillus persii: a new species in section Circumdati Mirca Zotti & Aurora Montemartini Corte 269
Two cypericolous smut fungi (Ustilaginomycetes) from the Thian Shan and their biogeographic implications Andrzej Chlebicki 279
Taxonomic notes on the genus Septoria in Korea (II) Hyeon-Dong Shin & Ekaterina F. Sameva 287
Morphology of penicillate cells in the genus Phyllactinia and its taxonomic application Hyeon-Dong Shin & Hyun-Jung Lee 301
Stomiopeltopsis nolinae and its synanamorph Parvosympodium nolinae from leaves of Nolina (Agavaceae) Annette W. Ramaley 327
Notes on Hyphomycetes. LXXXVIII. New genera in which to classify Alysidium resinae and Pycnostysanus azaleae, with a consideration of Sorocybe E. Christopher Partridge & Gareth Morgan-Jones 335
Two new species in the lichen genus Pertusaria (Ascomycotina) from Thailand Sureeporn Jariangprasert, Alan W. Archer, John A. Elix & Vilaiwan Anusarnsunthorn 353
New reports of calicioid lichenized and non-lichenized Ascomycetes from Taiwan Laurens B. Sparrius, André Aptroot & Ming-Jou Lai 357
Graphidaceae (Ascomycotina) from the Solomon Islands: new species from Guadalcanal Alan W. Archer 361
New records of soil-associated lichens from north-eastern Patagonia (Chubut, Argentina) Nora C. Scutari, B. Doris Diez & H. Thorsten Lumbsch 369
New species of the genus Ramalina (Ascomycotina: Ramalinaceae) from the Sonoran Desert, Mexico Hiroyuki Kashiwadani & Thomas H. Nash, III 385
Lichenopeltella heterodermiicola, a new lichenicolous ascomycete on Heterodermia speciosa in Arkansas Mariette S. Cole & David L. Hawksworth 391
Bharatheeya, a new hyphomycete genus from India Maria D'Souza & D. J. Bhat 397
A new species of Phalangispora from India T. S. Keshava Prasad & D. J. Bhat 405
NATS truffle and truffle-like fungi 9: Gastroboletus molinai sp. nov (Boletaceae, Basidiomycota), with a revised key to the species of Gastroboletus Eduardo Nouhra, Michael A. Castellano & James M. Trappe 409
New combinations in Chlorophyllum Else C. Vellinga 415
Two interesting central African collections of Physalacria (Basidiomycetes, Agaricales): P. camerunensis sp. nov. and the first African record of P. tropica Vladimír Antonín & Dominique Claude Mossebo 419
Studies in the genus Psathyrella in Spain. IV. Psathyrella submicrospora sp. nov. and P. microsporoides nom. nov. M. Heykoop & G. Moreno 425
Study of some species of the genus Cortinarius, sect. Caerulescentes (R. Henry) ex Moënne-Loccoz & Reumaux in peninsular Spain Antonio Ortega & Rafael Mahiques 435
Rozites, Cuphocybe and Rapacea are taxonomic synonyms of Cortinarius: new combinations and new names Ursula Peintner, Egon Horak, Meinhard Moser & Rytas Vilgalys 447
Preliminary checklist of Agaricales from Croatia. II. Families Agaricaceae, Amanitaceae, Cortinariaceae and Hygrophoraceae Armin Mesic & Zdenko Tkalcec 453
Book reviews and notices David L. Hawksworth 503
Nomenclatural novelties proposed in Mycotaxon volume 83 509
Reviewers 512
Author index 513
Index of fungous and lichen taxa 516
Publication date of volume 82 540

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