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Alternaria themes and variations (287-304). Species on Caryophyllaceae Emory G. Simmons 1
Notes on Hyphomycetes. LXXXVI. Some additional Haplotrichum species, with supplementary comments on, and a key to, the genus E. Christopher Partridge, William A. Baker & Gareth Morgan-Jones 41
Notes on Hyphomycetes LXXXVII. Rhexoacrodictys, a new segregate genus to accommodate four species previously classified in Acrodictys William A. Baker, E. Christopher Partridge & Gareth Morgan-Jones 95
Halosarpheia heteroguttulata: anamorph and report from the Northern Hemisphere J. L. Anderson & C. A. Shearer 115
A new variety of Nitschkia parasitans hyperparasitic on Nectria cinnabarina from American beech Vladimir Vujanovic 121
Speiropsis rogergoosensis sp. nov. from India T. S. Keshava Prasad & D. J. Bhat 127
New conidial fungi from Andaman Islands, India Maria D’Souza, Sanjay K. Singh & D. J. Bhat 133
Scoleciasis atkinsonii, an earlier name for Phaeophleospora hebes; and a note on G. H. Cunningham’s epithets hebe and pseudopanax S. R. Pennycook & E. H. C. McKenzie 145
Two new species of Ustilaginomycetes and a species new to China Lin Guo 147
Phylogeny of agarics: partial systematics solutions for bryophilous omphalinoid agarics outside of the Agaricales (euagarics) Scott A. Redhead, Jean-Marc Moncalvo, Rytas Vilgalys & François Lutzoni 151
Favolaschia calocera, a tropical species collected in Italy Alfredo Vizzini & Mirca Zotti 169
Mycodiversity studies in selected ecosystems of Greece: I. Macrofungi from the southernmost Fagus forest in the Balkans (Oxya Mountain, central Greece) Dimitrios M. Dimou, Georgios I. Zervakis & Elias Polemis 177
Distribution of Battarea phalloides in Mexico Martín Esqueda, Teófilo Herrera, Evangelina Pérez-Silva, Armando Aparicio & Gabriel Moreno 207
Annotated check list of wood-rotting Basidiomycetes of Hawai’i Robert L. Gilbertson, Donna M. Bigelow, Don E. Hemmes & Dennis E. Desjardin 215
Taxonomy of the Russula xerampelina group. Part 2. Taxonomic and nomenclatural study of Russula xerampelina and R. erythropoda Slavomír Adamcík 241
New species of Oudemansiella and Pouzarella (Basidiomycetes: Agaricales) from Puerto Rico Timothy J. Baroni & Beatriz Ortiz 269
First record of Neolentinus schaefferi in the Americas Bernardo E. Lechner & Jorge E. Wright 281
New records of the Corticiaceae from mainland China Sheng-Hua Wu 289
Cladistic analysis of the Polyporaceae using morphological characters Seon-Young Kim & Hack Sung Jung 295
Phylogenetic evaluation of Polyporus s. str. based on molecular sequences Kwan Soo Ko & Hack Sung Jung 315
New records of Ramariopsis from Mexico Ricardo García-Sandoval, Margarita Villegas & Joaquín Cifuentes 323
Myxomycetes of the State of Bahia, Brazil: historical review and current situation Aristóteles Góes-Neto & Laise de Holanda Cavalcanti 335
Biosystematics of the myxomycete Arcyria cinerea Jim Clark, Martin Schnittler & Steven L. Stephenson 343
Notes on two violet species belonging to Physarales (Myxomycetes) A. Castillo, G. Moreno, C. Illana & H. Singer 347
Two additional species of Verrucisporota, one with a Mycosphaerella teleomorph, from Australia Vyrna Beilharz & Ian Pascoe 357
A new species of Ascochyta from leaf spots on Peperomia spp. in Brazil José Maurício Pereira & Robert Weingart Barreto 367
Teichosporaceae, another family in the Pleosporales Margaret E. Barr 373
Phytophthora cinnamomi var. robiniae var. nova on black locust in Jiangsu province of China H. H. Ho 391
Three new Pseudocercospora species, one with a Mycosphaerella teleomorph, from Kennedia in Australia Vyrna Beilharz, I. G. Pascoe & D. G. Parbery 397
Notes on two corticolous lichens from South America María Inés Messuti & Lidia I. Ferraro 409
A new Dictyosporium species from Musa acuminata in Thailand W. Photita, P. Lumyong, E. H. C. McKenzie, K. D. Hyde & S. Lumyong 415
New combinations and records of lichenized-fungi from southern South America Alan M. Fryday 421
New species of the lichen genus Coccotrema from southern South America María Inés Messuti 429
Amandinea cacuminum: a new combination (Physciaceae, lichenized Ascomycetes) H. Mayrhofer & J. W. Sheard 437
Pseudopaulia tessellata, a new genus and species in the Lichinaceae (lichenized Ascomycotina) from Socotra, Yemen Matthias Schultz 443
A new name for Sporidesmium fuscum Gulis & Marvanová Ludmila Marvanová & Vladislav Gulis 451
Trechispora antipus sp. nov., une seconde espèce bisporique du genre Trechispora (Basidiomycota, Stereales) Gérard Trichies & Ben Schultheis 453
Phacellium stephanandricola sp. nov. on Stephanandra Hyeon-Dong Shin & Jeong-Dong Kim 459
The Hypocreaceae of China IV. Some new records of the genus Hypocrea from China Pei-Gui Liu, Xiang-Hua Wang, Fu-Qiang Yu & Huan-Di Zheng 463
Book Reviews and notices David L. Hawksworth 475
Instructions to authors: important changes and updates 489
News: Mycologia online site is launched Jim Ginns 491
Nomenclatural novelties proposed in volume 82 493
Author index 495
Index to fungous and lichen taxa 499
Reviewers 521
Publication date for volume 81 521

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