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What is Cyttaria disciformis? Irma J. Gamundí & Cecilia A. M. Brion 1
A new species of Aphanoascus (Ascomycota) with a Malbranchea anamorph from marine bottom deposits Michael V. Pivkin & Yulia V. Khudyakova 7
Claviceps purpurea var. spartinae var. nov.: an ergot adapted to the aquatic environment Russell A. Duncan, Jr., Raymond Sullivan, Stephen C. Alderman, Joseph W. Spatafora & James F. White, Jr. 11
Some new species and new records of discomycetes in China. IX Wen-Ying Zhuang, Zhi-He Yu, Yan-Hui Zhang & Ming Ye 27
Re-examinations of Helotium and Hymenoscyphus (Helotiales, Helotiaceae): specimens on deposit in HMAS Yan-Hui Zhang & Wen-Ying Zhuang 35
Two new dermateaceous genera with lanceolate paraphyses Ain Raitviir 45
The Pleurotus eryngii species-complex in Israel: distribution and morphological description of a new taxon D. Lewinsohn, S. P. Wasser, S. V. Reshetnikov, Y. Hadar & E. Nevo 51
Pleurotus eryngii var. thapsiae var. nov. from Sicily G. Venturella, G. Zervakis & A. Saitta 69
Materials for a hypogeous mycoflora of the Great Basin and adjacent cordilleras of the western United States. VII: A new truffle-like Peziza (Ascomycota, Pezizales) Robert Fogel & Jack States 75
Materials for a hypogeous mycoflora of the Great Basin and adjacent cordilleras of the western United States. VIII: Pachyphloeus lateritius sp. nov. and Cazia quericola sp. nov. (Ascomycota, Pezizales) Robert Fogel & Jack States 83
A new Inonotus (Basidiomycota, Hymenochaetaceae) from Hawai'i Robert L. Gilbertson & Leif Ryvarden 91
Phaeocollybia in western North America 3: Two new species with notes on the Phaeocollybia festiva complex Lorelei L. Norvell 95
Preliminary checklist of Agaricales from Croatia. I. Families Pleurotaceae and Tricholomataceae Zdenko Tkalcec & Armin Mesic 113
Thaxterogaster is a taxonomic synonym of Cortinarius: new combinations and new names Ursula Peintner, Meinhard Moser & Rytas Vilgalys 177
Tremella spicifera sp. nov., a parasite of Massarina arundinacea G. Van Ryckegem, K. Van de Put & P. Roberts 185
The mating system in two species of Crepidotus M. Catherine Aime & Jessica Ball 191
Nomenclatural revisions in the sequestrate russuloid genera James M. Trappe, Teresa Lebel & Michael A. Castellano 195
Corticioid and polyporoid fungi (Basidiomycota) that decay Austrocedrus chilensis in Patagonia, Argentina Mario Rajchenberg 215
Molecular identification of the teleomorph of Beauveria bassiana Bo Huang, Chun-ru Li, Zhen-gang Li, Mei-zhen Fan & Zeng-zhi Li 229
Plectania carranzae sp. nov. (Ascomycotina), from Costa Rica F. D. Calonge & M. Mata 237
A natural mutant of Ascobolus michaudii (Ascomycotina, Pezizales) Diana A. Dokmetzian & María E. Ranalli 243
A new species and further new records in the lichen family Parmeliaceae (Ascomycotina) from the Philippines John A. Elix, Paulina A. Bawingan & Yolanda G. Flores 251
The lichen family Parmeliaceae (Ascomycotina) on Gough Island, South Atlantic Ocean John A. Elix & Niek J. M. Gremmen 257
Lichenicolous fungi on Ionaspis lacustris Alan Orange 265
Glomus lamellosum (Glomales, Zygomycotina), an arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal species new for Poland and Europe Janusz Blaszkowski, Mariusz Tadych, Iwona Adamska & Tadeusz Madej 281
Notes on Hyphomycetes. LXXXV. Junewangia, a genus in which to classify four Acrodictys species and a new taxon William A. Baker, E. Christopher Partridge & Gareth Morgan-Jones 293
Phylogeny of Amphisphaeriaceae (sensu stricto) and related taxa revisited based on nrDNA sequences Ji-chuan Kang, Richard Y. C. Kong & Kevin D. Hyde 321
Morphological responses of Canadian and U.S.A. isolates of Phoma sclerotioides to different growth media, temperatures and light C. R. Hollingsworth, F. A. Gray, R. W. Groose & C. W. Mims 331
A new species of Phacellium on Alangium Hyeon-Dong Shin & Jeong-Dong Kim 341
Corticolous myxomycetes associated with four tree species in México Mercedes Rodríguez-Palma, Adalid Varela García, & Carlos Lado 345
Mycological characterization of an Hapludand soil series under three management practices Eduardo Valenzuela F., Dante Pinochet T. & Perla Carias M. 357
Taxonomical studies on Ustilaginales. XXII Kálmán Vánky 367
Two new species of Urocystis and a Urocystis (Ustilaginomycetes) new to China Lin Guo 431
Puccinia ariorum sp. nov. and other noteworthy graminicolous rust fungi (Uredinales) from Iran M. Abbasi, Gh. A. Hedjaroude, H. B. Gjaerum & M. Scholler 435
Conidial aquatic fungi of NainiTal, Kumaun Himilaya, India S. C. Sati, N. Tiwari & M. Belwal 445
Aquatic hyphomycetes from cerrado regions in the State of São Paulo, Brazil Iracema Helena Schoenlein-Crusius 457
Muscodor roseus anam. sp. nov., an endophyte from Grevillea pteridifolia Jeerapun Worapong, Gary Strobel, Bryn Daisy, Uvidelio F. Castillo, Gary Baird & W. M. Hess 463
Mycoaciella, a synonym of Phlebia Karen K. Nakasone 477
Index of fungi described from the Musaceae W. Photita, K. D. Hyde, E. H. C. McKenzie & S. Lumyong 491
Nomenclatural novelties proposed in volume 81 505
Author Index 509
Index to fungous and lichen taxa 513
Errata 538
Reviewers 539
Publication date for volume 80 539
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