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A monograph of Cunninghamella Ru-yong Zheng & Gui-qing Chen 1
Relationships within Cunninghamella based on sequence analysis of ITS rDNA Xiao-yong Liu, He Huang & Ru-yong Zheng 77
A new Neojohnstonia species from Brazil Luís Fernando Pascholati Gusmão & Rosely Ana Piccolo Grandi 97
Diploospora indica, a new species of Hyphomycetes Sreekala K. Nair & D. J. Bhat 101
A new species of Trichobotrys from the Western Ghat forests, India Maria D'Souza & D. J. Bhat 105
A nomenclator of Torula Pers.:Fr. and Torula sensu Turpin J. L. Crane 109
A new giant Xylaria from India Alaka Pande, Vimal Waingankar, L. Prasad Y. & J. G. Vaidya 163
Daldinia decipiens sp. nov. and notes on some other European Daldinia spp. inhabiting Betulaceae Marc Stadler, Manuela Baumgartner, Hartmund Wollweber, Yu-Ming Ju & Jack D. Rogers 167
Three new Daldinia species with yellowish stromatal pigments Marc Stadler, Manuela Baumgartner & Hartmund Wollweber 179
A new species of Sphaerosporella from Taiwan Yei-Zeng Wang 197
New and rare species of Lasiosphaeria in southwestern France Françoise Candoussau, Jacques Fournier & Jean-François Magni 201
A checklist of higher marine fungi of Mexico María C. González, Richard T. Hanlin & Miguel Ulloa 241
A new species of Septobasidium from Costa Rica Luis D. Gómez & Liuba Kisimova-Horovitz 255
Studies in neotropical polypores 11: Antrodia aurantia, a new species from the Dominican Republic, Greater Antilles D. Jean Lodge, Leif Ryvarden & Omar Paino Perdomo 261
Aphyllophoraceous fungi on Castanea sativa in Italy Sabine Mayrhofer, Ursula Peintner & Annarosa Bernicchia 267
Amanita pallidocarnea, a species of Amanita section Vaginatae with pink lamellae from southeast Asia Zhu-Liang Yang 281
Studies in Lepiota III. Some species from California, U.S.A. Else C. Vellinga 285
Studies in Lepiota IV. Lepiota cristata and L. castaneidisca Else C. Vellinga 297
Mycena dunicola, a striking new species from the Iberian Peninsula F. Esteve-Raventós, M. Villarreal, J. M. Barrasa & A. Ortega 307
Materials for a hypogeous mycoflora of the Great Basin and adjacent cordilleras of the western United States. III: Saprogaster gen. et sp. nov. (Basidiomycota, Phallales) Robert Fogel & Jack States 315
Materials for a hypogeous mycoflora of the Great Basin and adjacent cordilleras of the western United States. IV: Zelleromyces rogersonii, sp. nov. (Basidiomycota, Elasmomycetaceae) Robert Fogel & Jack States 321
Materials for a hypogeous mycoflora of the Great Basin and adjacent cordilleras of the western United States. V: Introduced truffles and false-truffles Robert Fogel & Jack States 327
Materials for a hypogeous mycoflora of the Great Basin and adjacent cordilleras of the western United States. VI: Hymenogaster rubyensis, sp. nov.(Basidiomycota, Cortinariaceae) Robert Fogel & Jack States 333
Smut fungi (Ustilaginomycetes) of Sorghum (Graminae) with special regard to Australasia Kálmán Vánky & Roger G. Shivas 339
New species and new records in the lichen family Parmeliaceae (Ascomycotina) from India P. K. Divakar, D. K. Upreti & John A. Elix 355
A new species of Xanthoparmelia (lichenized Ascomycotina, Parmeliaceae) from Spain Ana Crespo, Maria del Carmen Molina & John A. Elix 363
New taxa and new reports in the lichen family Graphidiaceae (Ascomycotina) from Australia Alan W. Archer 367
Xanthoria tenuiloba, a new lichen species from Baja California, Mexico Louise Lindblom 375
Studies in lichenicolous fungi and lichens XII: On the genus Trematosphaeriopsis (Dothideales) Josef Hafellner 381
Cetrarioid lichens containing usnic acid from the Tibetan area Tiina Randlane, Andres Saag & Walter Obermayer 389
Identification of urban lichens in the field: a case study for Buenos Aires City (Argentina) Nora C. Scutari & Nérida I. Theinhardt 427
A new species of Gloiocephala from Colombia Ruth Aldana-Gómez & Ana E. Franco-Molano 447
Podaxis argentinus and other species of Podaxaceae from Catamarca, Argentina Ma. M. Dios, G. Moreno & A. Altés 453
Caloplaca lobulata occuring in Tasmania I. Kärnefelt 461
Candelaria fruticans found in southern Africa I. Kärnefelt & M. Westberg 465
Lepiotaceae of Florida, IV. Stenosporic species of Lepiota s. str. Brian P. Akers & Walter J. Sundberg 469
Five new species of Boletaceae from China Mu Zang, Tai-Hui Li & Ronald H. Petersen 481
Taxonomy of Golovinomyces on cucurbits Demetrios J. Vakalounakis & Efrosini Klironomou 489
Cyathus (Gasteromycetes) in areas of the Brazilian cerrado region, São Paulo State Iuri Goulart Baseia & Adauto Ivo Milanez 493
Book reviews and notices David L. Hawksworth 503
Nomenclatural novelties proposed in volume 80 519
Author Index 521
Errata 524
Index to fungous and lichen taxa 525
Reviewers 547
Publication date for volume 79 547
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