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Macowanites vinaceodorus sp. nov. (Russulales) a new gasteroid fungus from coastal dunes of Spain Francisco D. Calonge & Josep María Vidal 1
Phylogenetic relationships of Panellus (Agaricales) and related species based on morphology and ribosomal large subunit DNA sequences Jiankang Jin, Karen W. Hughes & Ronald H. Petersen 7
Typification of Hypogymnia hypotrypa and H. sinica Bruce McCune & Walter Obermayer 23
Caloplaca nashii sp. nov. (Teloschistaceae, Lichenes), a North American species of the C. lactea-group growing in caliche P. Navarro-Rosinés, E. Gaya & N. L. Hladun 29
Aspidothelium gemmiferum sp. nov. from Papua New Guinea (lichenized Ascomycetes) Emmanuël Sérusiaux & Robert Lücking 43
Pulvinella, a new genus with prosenchymatous propagules Annette W. Ramaley 51
A new Antrodia species (Coriolaceae, Basidiomycetes) Annarosa Bernicchia & Leif Ryvarden 57
Muscodor albus anam. gen. et sp. nov., an endophyte from Cinnamomum zeylanicum Jeerapun Worapong, Gary Strobel, Eugene J. Ford, J. Y. Li, Gary Baird & W. M. Hess 67
Histeridomyces tishechkinii sp. nov., a new species of Laboulbeniales (Ascomycetes) from New Zealand Alex Weir 81
Perenosclerospora eriochloae sp. nov. and other downy mildews on native grasses in Queensland, Australia M. J. Ryley & R. F. N. Langdon 87
Rhizopogon buenoi (Boletales, Basidiomycota) a new species from Spain María P. Martín & Francisco D. Calonge 101
Hymenochaetoid fungi (Basidiomycota) of North America Erast Parmasto 107
Scutellinia sinensis in Europe Stanislav Glejdura 177
Two new species of Brevicellicium and a survey of tropical and subtropical species in the genus (Basidiomycotina, Aphyllophorales) Kurt Hjorstam 181
Corticioid species (Basidiomycotina, Aphyllophorales) from Colombia III Kurt Hjorstam & Leif Ryvarden 189
Hyphomycetes from leaf litter of Miconia cabussu in a Brazilian Atlantic rain forest Luís Fernando Pascholati Gusmão, Rosely Ana Piccolo Grandi & Adauto Ivo Milanez 201
A neglected calicioid lichen new to Taiwan I-Chen Hsueh , Clifford M. Wetmore & Ming-Jou Lai 215
Type specimen studies in New World Lentinula Juan L. Mata & Ronald H. Petersen 217
Doassansiopsis euryalis sp. nov. (Ustilaginomycetes) Kálmán Vánky 231
Phylogenetic relationships of Asterodon and Asterostroma (Basidiomycetes), two genera with asterosetae Tobias Wagner 235
A new species of Myelochroa and new records in the lichen family Parmeliaceae (Ascomycotina) from Sikkim, India P. K. Divakar, D. K. Upreti, G. P. Sinha & John A. Elix 247
A new species and new records in the lichen family Parmeliaceae (Ascomycotina) from the Philippines John A. Elix & Felix Schumm 253
Ustilago deyeuxicola sp. nov. from China Kálmán Vánky & Lin Guo 261
Hyaloseta nolinae, its anamorph Monocillium nolinae, and Niesslia agavacearum, new members of the Niessliaceae, Hypocreales, from leaves of Agavaceae Annette W. Ramaley 267
Three noteworthy Amanitae of subgenus Lepidella from China Zuo-Hong Chen, Zhu-Liang Yang & Zhi-Guang Zhang 275
Studies in Neotropical polypores 13. Ceriporiopsis cystidiata sp. nov. Clarice Loguercio-Leite, Gustavo Vernet de Costa Gonçalves, & Leif Ryvarden 285
New species of Amanita from the Dominican Republic, Greater Antilles Orson K. Miller, Jr. & D. Jean Lodge 289
Notes on discomycetes in Dongling Mountains (Beijing) Zheng Wang & Ke-quan Pei 307
Galiella celebica from India D. C. Pant 315
The lichen genus Topeliopsis in Australia and remarks on Australian Thelotremataceae Klaus Kalb 319
Discomycetes of the Sarcoscyphaceae in Taiwan Yei-Zeng Wang 329
Some species of Xylaria (Hymenoascomycetes, Xylariaceae) associated with oaks in México Felipe San Martín, Pablo Lavín & Jack D. Rogers 337
Notes on Hyphomycetes. LXXXIV. Pseudotrichoconis and Rhexodenticula, two new monotypic genera with rhexolytically disarticulating conidial separating cells William A. Baker, E. Christopher Partridge & Gareth Morgan-Jones 361
A list of Discomycetes in China. Supplement 1 Wen-ying Zhuang 375
Physiological and morphological variation in Oidiodendron maius Adrianne V. Rice & Randolph S. Currah 383
Wenyingia, a new genus in Pezizales (Otideaceae) Zheng Wang & Donald H. Pfister 397
Compléments à l'inventaire des Basidiomycètes de Grèce Zacharias Athanassiou & Ioanna Theochari 401
An index to Batsch's Elenchus Fungorum, 1783-89 S. R. Pennycook 417
Additions to the knowlege of the genus Cladonia (Cladoniaceae, lichenized Ascomyotina) in the alpine belt of the Pyrenees in Andorra Teresa Azuaga, Mercedes Barbero & Antonio Gómez-Bolea 433
Biosystematics of the Didymium iridis super species complex: additional isolates Jim Clark, Steven L. Stephenson & John C. Landolt 447
Developmental morphology and ultrastructure of Pestalotiopsis maculans M. Murugan & J. Muthumary 455
Morphological cladistic analysis of tropical Hymenochaetales (Basidiomycota) Aristóteles Góes-Neto, Clarice Loguercio-Leite, & Rosa Trinidad Guerrero 467
The genus Kretzschmaria from Tucumán, Argentina A. I. Hladki & A. I. Romero 481
Online resources for fungal taxonomy & nomenclature: Web design Kathie T. Hodge 497
Nomenclatural novelties proposed in volume 79 499
Author Index 501
Index to fungous and lichen taxa 505
Errata 527
Reviewers 529
Publication date for volume 78 529
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