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Teleomorph of Sphaerotheca pannosa on Dahurian rose in Korea Hyeon-Dong Shin 1
Angular leaf spot disease of Saururus caused by Phaeoramularia saururi comb. nov. P. W. Crous, N. E. El-Ghol, S. E. Walker & T. S. Schubert 7
Hypogeous fungi from southern United States. II. The genus Zelleromyces Steven L. Miller & Teresa Lebel 15
Dactylaria asymetrica, a new species of mitosporic fungi from Ivory Coast forest litter Marcella Pasqualetti & Angelo Rambelli 27
Seimatoantlerium nepalense, an endophytic taxol producing coelomycete from Himalayan yew (Taxus wallachiana) Bharat Bashyal, J. Y. Li, Garry Strobel, W. M. Hess & Rajinder Sidhu 33
Polypore diversity in the state of Bahia, Brazil: a historical review Aristóteles Góes-Neto 43
Taxonomic and mycogeographic notes on some Malaysian fungi IV. Notes on Clitopilus and Rhodocybe Timothy J. Baroni & Roy Watling 57
Lecidella aegea sp. nov. (Lecanoraceae, Lecanorales, lichenized Ascomycotina) J.-G. Knoph & H. J. M. Sipman 73
Bacidia parathalassica (Bacidiaceae, Lecanorales), a new Mediterranean corticolous lichen E. Llop & A. Gómez-Bolea 79
Three new species in the Australian Graphidaceae with novel chemistries: Phaeographina echinocarpica, Phaeographis necopinata, and Phaeographis nornotatica Alan W. Archer & John E. Elix 91
Carbonea hertelii (Lecanoraceae, Lecanorales, lichenized Ascomycotina), a new species from the Andes J.-G. Knoph 97
First records of Antromycopsis macrocarpa for Brazil Marina Capelari 101
Lichenostigma cosmopolites, a common lichenicolous fungus on Xanthoparmelia species Josef Hafellner & Vicent Calatayud 107
Cladosporium and Cladophialophora in culture: description and an expanded key M. H.-M. Ho, R. F. Castaneda, F. M. Dugan & S. C. Jong 115
Two new species of Hypoxylon from Mexico Felipe San Martín, Pablo Lavín & Daniel Portugal-Portugal 159
Psilachnum opuntiae sp. nov. (Hyaloscyphaceae) growing on Opuntia cladodes from Mexico Ricardo Galán & Ain Raitviir 163
Cercosporoid fungi from Brazil. 3. Pedro W. Crous, Uwe Braun & Acelino C. Alfenas 171
A new species of Caliciopsis on oaks from Mexico José G. Marmolejo 195
A new species of Marssonina on Celastrus orbiculatus Hyeon-Dong Shin & Hyun-Tae Lee 199
Phlebopus bruchii (Boletales): an edible fungus from Argentina with possible commercial value J. Deschamps & G. Moreno 205
Type studies in the Polyporaceae 26. Species described by A. M. F. Palisot de Beauvois Leif Ryvarden 215
Mycosociology in native forests of Nothofagus of the X region of Chile, diversity and ecological role E. Valenzuela, G. Moreno, S. Garnica, R. Godoy & C. Ramirez 217
Preliminary list of aquatic hyphomycetes from central Belarus Vladislav Gulis 227
Puccinia mesembryanthemi causing a new disease inhibiting the growth of Sceletium tortuosum in South Africa Pedro W. Crous, Sandra Denman & Mike Scott 231
Three new scolecosporous hyphomycetes from waters in Belarus Vladislav Gulis & Ludmila Marvanová 237
A new Mycovelosiella species on Myracroduon urundeuva Carlos Antônio Inácio & José Carmine Dianese 251
South African fungi 9: Psilocybe natalensis - a blueing hallucinogenic species from South Africa Derek A. Reid & Albert Eicker 265
Lichen flora of eastern North America: the genera Parmeliopsis and Imshaugia James W. Hinds 271
Studies in North American Cortinarii V. New and interesting Phlegmatia from Wyoming and the Pacific North West M. M. Moser & J. F. Ammirati 289
Fungal flora of Guangxi, China: introduction Wen-Ying Zhuang & Jian-Wei Chen 323
Fungal flora of tropical Guangxi, China: Discomycetes of tropical China. IV. More fungi from Guangxi Wen-Ying Zhuang 325
Fungal flora of tropical Guangxi, China: the lichen family Cladoniaceae Shou-Yu Guo 339
Fungal flora of tropical Guangxi, China: Hyphomycetes I. Ying-Lan Guo 349
Fungal flora of tropical Guangxi, China: Macrofungi Hua-An Wen & Shu-Xiao Sun 359
Fungal flora of tropical Guangxi, China: Aphyllophorales s. l. Xiao Quing Zhang 371
Fungal flora of tropical Guangxi, China: a preliminary checklist of rust fungi Jian-Yun Zhuang & Shu-Xia Wei 377
Fungal flora of tropical Guangxi, China: Ustilaginales Lin Guo 389
Fungal flora of tropical Guangxi, China: a survey of Myxomycetes from southwestern Guangxi Shuang-Lin Chen 393
Two Crepidotus from Mexico with notes on selected type collections Victor M. Bandala, Leticia Montoya & Gabriel Moreno 403
Two North American Inonotus (Hymenochaetaceae, Aphyllophorales) found in Argentina Carlos Urcelay and Mario Rajchenberg 417
Taxonomic studies of Alternaria from China VI. New species and new records to China on Cruciferae, Cucurbitaceae and Euphorbiaceae Tian-Yu Zhang & Jing-Ze Zhang 423
Taxonomic studies of Alternaria from China VII. New taxa on Fagaceae, Magnoliaceae and Moraceae Tian-Yu Zhang, Jing-Ze Zhang, Wei-Qun Chen, Xiao-Lin Ma & Min-Xi Gao 433
Taxonomic studies of Alternaria from China VIII. New species and new records on Gramineae, Iridaceae, and Liliaceae Tian-Yu Zhang 443
Venustusporium, a new genus of hyphomycetes from Venezuela Rafael Castañeda-Ruíz & Teresa Iturriaga 455
A new species of Perrotia from Taiwan Yei-Zeng Wang & John H. Haines 461
New and rare species of Heterobasidiomycetes K. Hauerslev 465
Annotated check-list of the Greek macrofungi. II. Ascomycotina Georgios Zervakis, Pavel Lizon, Dimitrios Dimou & Elias Polemis 487
A reinterpretation of Daldinia concentrica based upon a recently discovered specimen Jack D. Rogers, Yu-Ming Ju, Roy Watling & Anthony J. S. Whalley 507
Book Reviews Eric H. C. McKenzie 521
Author Index 527
Nomenclatural Novelties Proposed in Volume 72 531
Index to Fungous and Lichen Taxa 533
Errata 555
Reviewers 555
Publication Date for Volume 71 555
Journal Publication Statement 555
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