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A phylogenetic hypothesis of the Ganodermataceae based on a possible mode of basidiospore evolution Le Xuan Tham 1
Annotated checklist of New Caledonian Basidiomycota. II. Rusts and smuts J. Mouchacca and E. Horak 13
Reappraisal of Sphaeria ordinata sensu Broome Margaret E. Barr, Lennart Holm, and Kerstin Holm 31
Synonymy of Tofispora and Thanatephorus, with notes on a new collection from Puerto Rico Peter Roberts 35
Ectomyccorrhizal fungi at tree line in the Canadian Rockies Gavin Kernaghan and R. S. Currah 39
Gymnopilus purpureosquamulosus and G. ochraceus spp. nov. (Agaricales, Basidiomycota)--two new species from Zimbabwe Klaus Høiland 81
A new species of Gloiocephala from India P. Manimohan and K. Agretious Thomas 87
Taxonomical studies on Ustilaginales. XVIII Kálmán Vánky 93
The nomenclature and taxonomy of Leucoagaricus pinguipes and L. macrorhizus, with a description of a recent British collection of L. pinguipes Derek A. Reid 117
A new species and revised key to the genus Relicina (Ascomycotina, Parmeliaceae) John A. Elix 129
Taxonomy of Royoporus pseudobetulinus comb. nov. A. B. De 137
Polybulbophiale palmicola gen. et sp. nov. (Hyphomycetes) from Brunei Teik-Khiang Goh and Kevin D. Hyde 145
A conidia-forming basidiomycete in the Pterulaceae Cathy L. Cripps and Tony J. Caesar 153
Proposed redisposition of Schizostoma vicinum and a newly recognized taxon Margaret E. Barr and Geir Mathiassen 159
Stereum thindii sp. nov. A. B. De 167
A new thermophilic variety of Absidia idahoensis from China Gui-qing Chen and Ru-yong Zheng 173
Rhizopus microsporus var. tuberosus var. nov. Ru-yong Zheng and Gui-qing Chen 181
Cunninghamella clavata sp. nov., a fungus with an unusual type of branching of the sporophore Ru-yong Zheng and Gui-qing Chen 187
Two sibling species of the genus Byssonectria (Pezizales). Suppression of spore development under environmental stress Bellis Kullman 199
A revision of the genera Heterochaetella, Myxarium, Protodontia, and Stypella (Heterobasidiomycetes) Peter Roberts 209
Spiculogloea occulta (Heterobasidiomycetes): morphology and culture characters Ewald Langer and Franz Oberwinkler 249
The species of Hypotrachyna (Parmeliaceae, lichenized Ascomycotina) from the Segundo Planalto in the state of Parana, Brazil Sionara Eliasaro, Mónica T. Adler, and John A. Elix 255
Lichens and lichenicolous fungi growing on Peltigerales in the Iberian Peninsula and the Canary Islands Isabel Martínez and Josef Hafellner 271
The lichen genus Pertusaria (lichenised Ascomycotina) in Papua New Guinea: three new species and two new reports Alan W. Archer and John A. Elix 311
Yunnania gen. nov. of Hyphomycetes Hua-zhong Kong 319
Polycoccum clauzadei sp. nov. (Ascomycetes, Dothideales), champignon lichénicole non lichénisé sur Xanthoria elegans Pere Navarro-Rosinés and Claude Roux 327
Discomycetes of tropical China. II. Collections from Yunnan Wen-ying Zhuang and Zheng Wang 339
Discomycetes of tropical China. III. Hyaloscyphaceous fungi from tropical Guangxi Wen-ying Zhuang 359
Additional list of pore fungi of Costa Rica Julieta Carranza and Leif Ryvarden 377
Meliolaceae of Kerala -- V V. B. Hosagoudar, T. K. Abraham, and J. L. Crane 391
A new species in the genus Solenopsora (Catillariaceae, Lecanorales) D. Verdon and G. Rambold 399
South African fungi 7: Tricholosporum laeteviolaceum sp. nov., a representative of a genus new to southern Africa Derek A. Reid, Albert Eicker, H. Clémençon, and Cecilia Roux 409
Characters of fruitbodies, basidiospores and cultures useful for recognizing Amylostereum areolatum and A. chailletii I. M. Thomsen 419
Lepiotaceae of Florida, I. Lepiota s. str., section Ovisporae Brian P. Akers and Walter J. Sundberg 429
Amanita cistetorum and Psathyrella liciosae, two new Mediterranean species Marco Contu and Giovanii Pacioni 437
Caloplaca levis-smithii, a new lichen species from continental Antartica Ulrik Søchting and Dag Olav Øvstedal 447
Infraspecific variation among geographicaly separated collections of Marasmius scorodonius Scott A. Gordon and Ronald H. Petersen 453
Zelleromyces meridionalis (Russulales, Elasmomycetaceae), a new species from Spain B. Moreno-Arroyo, J. Gómez, and F. D. Calonge 467
Prospodium tirumalensis, a new species from India G. Bagyanarayana, E. John Ravinder, and P. Ramesh 473
Mycological notes on two rust fungi reported from India G. Bagyanarayana 477
The genus Psathyrella in Spain. II. Psathyrella longicystidiata sp. nov. M. Heykoop and G. Moreno 479
A study of selected Murrill's Russulas Raymond M. Fatto 487
Weddellomyces xanthoparmeliae sp. nov., and additions to the chorology of other species of the genus Vicent Calatayud and Pere Navarro-Rosinés 503
Online resources for fungal taxonomy and nomenclature Pavel Lizon 515
Book Reviews Eric H. C. McKenzie 517
Announcements: Changed journal offprint policy, Editor-in-Chief's new address 521
Errata 522
Author Index 523
Reviewers 525
Index to Fungous and Lichen Taxa 526
Journal Publication Statements 540
Publication Date, Volume 68 540
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