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Revised instructions to authors 1
Guidelines for reviewers of papers submitted for publication in Mycotaxon 9
Notes on conidial fungi. XVII. Amphophialis, anam. gen. nov. R. F. Castañda Ruíz, B. Kendrick, and J. Guarro 11
Two new asterinaceous fungi from Karala [Kerala], India V. B. Hosagoudar, T. K. Abraham, and J. L. Crane 19
Notes on conidial fungi. XVIII. New species of Pseudomicrodochium and Refractohilum from rainforest litter R. F. Castañda Ruíz, B. Kendrick, and J. Guarro 23
Hyphomycetes from Canadian streams. IV. Spirosphaera dimorpha sp. nov. Ludmila Marvanová and Felix Bärlocher 33
Melila chennaiana xp. nov. and some additional records of fungi from India R. D. Goos and V. B. Hosagoudar 41
Diplomitoporus dilutabilis, a new species of Polyporaceae (Aphyllophorales) from Santa Catarina Island, Brazil Clarice Loguercio-Leite and Jorge E. Wright 47
Ultrastructure des asques et des ascospores de Desmazierella acicola (Sarcoscyphaceae, Pezizales, Ascomycetes). Intérêt systématique et biologique Leda M. Meléndez-Howell, Alain Couté. Gérard Mascarell, and André Bellemère 53
Annotated check list of New Caledonian Basidiomycota. I. Holobasidiomycetes E. Horak and J. Mouchacca 75
Periconia fusiformis anam. sp. nov. M. Muntañola-Cvetkovic, P. Hoyo, and A. Gómez-Bolea 131
Tropical Hyphomycetes of Mexico. III. Some species from the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve, Campeche Gabriela Heredia Abarca and Ángel Mercado Sierra 137
Arborillus llimonae nov. gen et sp., a synnematous lichenicolous hyphomycete M. Muntañola-Cvetkovic and A. Gómez-Bolea 145
Schizopora trametoides sp. nov. A trimitic dimidiate species from Sumatra Suhirman and María Núñez 157
Entrophospora baltica sp. nov. and Glomus fuegianum, two species in the Glomales from Poland Janusz Blaszkowski, Tadeusz Madej, and Mariusz Tadych 165
New records from India and redescription of Corynascus thermophilus and its anamorph Myceliophthora fergusii Lynne Sigler, K. R. Aneja, R. Kumar, R. Maheshwari, and R. V. Shukla 185
Notes on four little red Russulas Raymond M. Fatto 193
Annotated list of the pleosporacean fungi and related genera reported from the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands J. Checa 205
Conidium development in Hyalodendron and Allescheriella anamorphs of Ophiostoma and Ceratocystiopsis E. Benade, M. J. Wingfield, and P. S. Van Wyk 251
Ruhlandiella berolinenis, an exotic species in Europe R. Galán and G. Moreno 265
Indonesian Aphyllophorales 3. Poroid and stereoid species from Kerinci-Seblat National Park, western Sumatra Suhirman and María Núñez 273
Oidium sp. (Erysiphaceae) on Cassia senna, a fungus new to the mycota of Europe Tadeusz Madej and Janusz Blaszkowski 293
Cercosporoid fungi from Brazil. 2 Pedro W. Crous and Marcos P. S. Câmara 299
On Helminthosporium anomalum R. A. Shoemaker 311
Filosporella exilis sp. nov. on submerged plant debris from Belarus Vladislav I. Gulis and Ludmila Marvanová 313
A new variety of Baggea pachyascus (Patellariaceae, Ascomycota) from Finland M. Magnes, Ch. Scheuer, and U. Söderholm 321
New Australasian Ustilaginales Kálmán Vánky 327
The genus Kretzschmaria Jack D. Rogers and Yu-Ming Ju 345
Pyrenomycetes of British Columbia collected by John Macoun Margaret E. Barr 395
Rhytisma americanum sp. nov.: a previously undescribed species of Rhytisma on maples (Acer spp.) George W. Hudler, Sandra Jensen-Tracy, and Mark T. Banik 405
Alternaria themes and variations (224-225) Emory G. Simmons 417
The lichen family Parmeliaceae (Ascomycotina) on Lord Howe Island, Australia Simone H. J. J. Louwhoff and John A. Elix 429
The chemistry of some species of Buellia sensu lato (Lecanorales, lichenized Ascomycotina) Klaus Kalb and John A. Elix 465
A new species of Echinodontium from Italy Annarosa Bernicchia and Andrea Piga 483
Powdery mildew on Conyza and Cosmos in Turkey A. Karakaya 493
Comments on the names Trametaceae, Coriolaceae, and Trametales Jacques Boidin and Richard P. Korf 497
Tulostoma portoricense (Tulostomatales, Gasteromycetes) from Mexico M. Esqueda-Valle, E. Pérez-Silva, T. Herrera, A. Altés, and G. Moreno 499
Phenetic analysis of genera of the Saprolegniaceae (Oomycetes) Martha J. Powell and Will H. Blackwell 505
Book Reviews Eric H. C. McKenzie 517
Author Index 521
Index to Fungous and Lichen Taxa 525
Reviewers 535
Errata 535
Publication Date for Volume 67 536
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