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The genus Biscogniauxia Yu-Ming Ju, Jack D. Rogers, Felipe San Martín, and Alfred Granmo 1
Validation of the names of three Candida species Sally A. Meyer and David Yarrow 99
Meliolaceae of Kerala, India - II V. B. Hosagoudar, T. K. Abraham, and R. D. Goos 103
Meliolaceae of Kerala, India - III V. B. Hosagoudar, T. K. Abraham, and R. D. Goos 109
Meliolaceae of Kerala, India - IV V. B. Hosagoudar, T. K. Abraham, and R. D. Goos 115
Two narrow-spored Inocybes Alan E. Besette and Raymond M. Fatto 121
Rimelia pontagrossensis, a new species in the Parmeliaceae sensu stricto (lichenized Ascomycotina) from Brazil Sionara Eliasaro and Mónica T. Adler 127
Two new species of Parmotrema (Parmeliaceae sensu stricto, lichenized Ascomycotina) from Argentina Cecelia Estrabou and Mónica T. Adler 131
Pleurotus fuscosquamulosus - a new species of Pleurotus subgenus Coremiopleurotus from South Africa Derek A. Reid, Albert Eicker, and Adri de Kock 137
South African fungi 6. The genus Lactocollybia (Basidiomycota) in South Africa Derek A. Reid and Albert Eicker 153
The genus Crepidotus from the state of Paraná, Brazil Béatrice Senn-Irlet and AndrEeacute; A. R. de Meijer 165
Tulostoma subsquamosum (Gasteromycetes), new for North America C. Ochoa, G. Moreno, and A. Altés 201
Agaricus santacatalinensis a new species from Argentina Edgardo Albertó/TD> 205
Notes on the alpine Cordyceps of China and nearby nations Mu Zang and Noriko Kinjo 215
Aspergilli from the digestive tract of Brazilian triatomids A. M. L. Moraes, A. C. V. Junqueira, and C. M. Giordano 231
Anamorphic morphology of Uncinula and allied genera Hyeon-dong Shin and Ru-yong Zheng 243
New and interesting aero-aquatic mitosporic fungi from Italy Samir K. Abdullah, Josepa Gené, and Josep Guarro 267
A check-list of the Greek macrofungi including hosts and biogeographic distribution: I. Basidiomycotina Georgios Zervakis, Dimitrios Dimou, and Constantine Balis 273
Phylogenetic relationships in the Saccharomyces cerevisiae complex of species D. E. Gouliamova and G. L. Hennebert 337
Sphaerotheca ferruginea on Sanguisorba minor in Turkey A. Karakaya 355
Leveillula taurica on Onobrychis viciifolia in Turkey A. Karakaya 359
Studies on tropical African Lactarius species. 5. A synopsis of the subgenus Lactifluus (Burl.) Hesler & A. H. Sm. emend. A. Verbeken 363
Studies on tropical African Lactarius species. 6. A synopsis of the subgenus Lactariopsis (Henn.) R. Heim emend. A. Verbeken 387
The identity and nomenclature of Meliola atalantiae V. B. Hosagoudar, T. K. Abraham, and J. L. Crane 419
Notes on hyphomycetes. LXXIV. Concerning Parastenella magnoliae, its phylogenetic affinity, and the relationship between it and its host, Magnolia grandiflora Gareth Morgan-Jones 421
Some new species and new records of discomycetes in China. VIII Wen-ying Zhuang and Zheng Wang 429
Notes on discomycetes from Qinghai, China Wen-ying Zhuang 439
Taxonomie moléculaire des Aphyllophorales J. Boidin, J. Mugnier, and R. Canales 445
Dactylella intermedia sp. nov., a new species from Xishuanbanna, Yunnan, China Tian-Fei Li, Li-Pin Lei, and Xing-Zhong Liu 493
Phomopsis vitimegaspora: a new pathogenic Phomopsis from vines KerChung Kuo and Lii-sin Leu 497
A new species of Phyllogloea from Mexico S. Sierra and J. Cifuentes 501
New teleomorphs of the anamorphic genus Kellermania Annette W. Ramaley 509
Book Reviews Eric H. C. McKenzie 515
NOTICE: Announcing a test and trial phase for the registration of new plant names (1998-1999) L. Borgen, W. Greuter, D. L. Hawksworth, D. H. Nicolson, and B. Zimmer 519
NOTICE: Announcement of a new Editor-in-Chief 523
Author Index 523
Index to Fungous and Lichen Taxa 525
Errata iv, 540
Reviewers 540
Publication Date, Volume 65 540
Journal Publication Statement 540
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