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Inocybe purpureoflavida sp. nov. (Corticiaceae) from Western Ghats of Kerala State, India K. B. Vrinda, C. K. Pradeep, Sibi Mathew, and T. K. Abraham 1
Some Costa Rican hyphomycetes. II. A. Mercado-Sierra, J. Gené, and J. Guarro 7
The lichen genus Pertusaria (lichenised Ascomycotina) in Papua New Guinea and Australia: twelve new species and thirteen new reports John A. Elix, André Aptroot, and Alan W. Archer 17
Contribution to the lichen flora of Brazil. XXXII. Pseudocyphellaria intricata new to Brazil Héctor S. Osorio 37
Jumillera and Whalleya, new genera segregated from Biscogniauxia Jack D. Rogers, Yu-ming Ju, and Felípe San Martín 39
Two new species of Tranzschelia (Uredinales) on Prunoideae (Rosaceae) from Iran M. Abbasi and Halvor B. Gjaerum 51
Fulvisporium, a new genus of Ustilaginales K. Vánky, R. Bauer, and D. Begerow 57
Changbai wood-rotting fungi 6. Study on Antrodiella, two new species and notes on some other species Yu-Cheng Dai and Tuomo Niemelä 67
Asteromidium tabebuiae-impetiginosae sp. nov. causing a leaf spot disease of Tabebuia impetiginosa in Brazil A. W. V. Pomella, R. W. Barreto, A. C. Alfenas, and J. B. Mesquita 83
A taxonomic summary of Achlyogeton Will H. Blackwell and Martha J. Powell 91
The P. A. Saccardo Mycological Herbarium. A critical revision of the 1930's edition of the catalogue by G. Gola. I - Eubacteria, Dictyosteliomycota, Myxomycota, Plasmodiophoromycota Mario Orsenigo 101
Gymnopus villosipes - a common collybioid agaric from California Dennis E. Desjardin, Roy E. Halling, and Brian A. Perry 141
Notes on some 'dimeriaceous' fungi Margaret E. Barr 149
Therrya eucalypti sp. nov. on stems of eucalypts from Tasmania, Australia Zi Qing Yuan and C. Mohammed 173
Endogonales in Taiwan: a new genus with unizygosporic sporocarps and a hyphal mantle Chi-Guang Wu and Suh-Jen Lin 179
Notes on conidial fungi. XV. Monodictys bicolorata, sp. nov. R. F. Castañeda Ruíz, J. Guarro, and M. J. Figueras 189
Xylaria pseudoapiculata and Xylaria montagnei: two new taxa from south Brazil Maria Sirlei Hamme and Rosa Trinidad Guerrero 195
Tropical hyphomycetes of Mexico. II. Some species from the tropical biology station "Los Tuxtlas," Veracruz, Mexico Gabriela Heredia Abarca, Julio Mena Portales, Angel Mercado Sierra, and Manuela Reyes Estebanez 203
Bulbothricella amazonensis is a polysporous member of Bulbothrix (Parmeliaceae) H. Thorsten Lumbsch 225
Corticioid species (Basidiomycotina, Aphyllophorales) from Colombia collected by Leif Ryvarden Kurt Hjorstam and Leif Ryvarden 229
Macrofungus flora of the Lagoon of Venice and adjacent areas (Italy). Non-gilled basidiomycetes. I. Tomentelloid fungi Cristiano Losi 243
Macromycetes from the State of Paraná, Brazil. 6. Sirobasidiaceae & Tremellaceae Peter Roberts and André A. R. de Meijer 261
Non-pileate polypores on Santa Catarina Island, SC, Brazil Clarice Loguercio Leite and Alexandra Lehmkuhl Gerber 285
The Ustomycota: an inventory Robert Bauer and Franz Oberwinkler 303
Contributions towards a monograph of Phoma (Coelomycetes) - V. Subdivision of the genus in sections G. H. Boerema 321
Notes on conidial fungi VI. Menisporopsis R. F. Castañeda Ruíz, J. Cano, and J. Guarro 335
A new species and a synonymy in Echinostelium (Myxomycetes) Francisco Pando 343
Oligoporus rennyi in North America R. L. Gilbertson and Sam Ristich 349
Notes on Wolfiporia dilatohypha in North America Robert L. Gilbertson and Donna M. Bigelow 353
Two new combinations: Amylofungus globosporus and Gloeomyces moniliformis Sheng-Hua Wu 361
Sympodioplanus, a new anamorph genus from South Africa R. C. Sinclair, Sanette Boshoff, and A. Eicker 365
Fungi of Barro Colorado Island, adjacent Panama, and the Cali region of Colombia R. D. Goos 375
Metatrichia horrida (Myxomycetes), and African species in the Baja California Perninsula (Mexico) G. Moreno, M. Lizárraga, and C. Illana 385
Confirmation of the presence of Dictyocephalos attenuatus (Gasteromycetes) in Europe G. Moreno, A. Altés, and H. Kreisel 393
Podoscypha warneckeana Leif Ryvarden 401
Cercosporoid fungi from Brazil. 1. Pedro W. Crous, Acelino C. Alfenas, and Robert W. Barreto 405
NATS truffle and truffle-like fungi 6: Stephensia bynumii sp. nov. (Ascomycota), with a key to the species of Stephensia James M. Trappe, Welles Bushnell, and Michael A. Castellano 431
NATS truffle and truffle-like fungi 7: Tuber anniae sp. nov. (Ascomycota) Wes Colgan III and James M. Trappe 437
First report of Gastrosporium simplex (Gasteromycetes) from South America Laura S. Domínguez de Toledo and Michael A. Castellano 443
Notes on Sclerotiniaceous fungi on Castanea and Castanopsis in Asia Wen-ying Zhuang and Zheng Wang 449
BCCM-TM/Allev 2.00 an automated system for the identification of yeasts Vincent Robert, Pierre Evrard, and Grégoire L. Hennebert 455
Mycosphaerella pulmonariae sp. nov. from Bulgaria Violeta I. Fakirova 465
Description of Calonectria rumohrae sp. nov. (anamorph = Cylindrocladium rumohrae sp. nov.) N. E. El-Gholl, A. C. Alfenas, D. T. Junghans, T. S. Schubert, J. W. Miller, and R. M. Leahy 467
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Index to Fungous and Lichen Taxa 488
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