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The Helvellaceae: systematic revision and occurrence in northern and northwestern North America Sean P. Abbott and R. S. Currah 1
Taxonomical studies on Ustilaginales. XV Kálmán Vánky 127
New Ustilaginales from Australia Kálmán Vánky 151
The saxicolous species of the genera Rinodina and Rinodinella lacking spot test reactions in the Iberian Peninsula Mireia Giralt and Xavier Llimona 175
A new species of Simocybe from North America Egon Horak and Orson K. Miller, Jr. 225
A new Boletellus from Catalonia (Spain) P. Pöder, G. Moreno, M. Tabarés, and A. Rocabruna 231
Dermocybe cistoadelpha, a new species in the section Sanguineae from Spain G. Moreno, R. Pöder, M. Kirchmair, F. Esteve-Raventós, and M. Heykoop 239
Fungal and lichenological types in the University Herbarium, University of California at Berkeley (UC) -- a partial listing Isabelle I. Tavares, Michelle T. Seidl, and Hsi-Chang Tang 247
Taxonomy of Cookeina in China Zheng Wang 289
A new Mycena from New York Dennis E. Desjardin and Alan E. Bessette 299
New records of polypores (Aphyllophorales) from southern Brazil Alexandra Lehmkuhl Gerber and Clarice Loguercio-Leite 305
Mexican Didymiaceae (Myxomycetes, order Physarales): three new records and comments on Mucilago crustacea Laura Hernández-Cuevas and Arturo Estrada-Torres 319
A new species of Puccinia from India A. B. De 337
New species and combinations in the lichen genus Parmotrema (Ascomycotina, Parmeliaceae) from Malaysia and Papua New Guinea John A. Elix, Laily B. Din, and Ghazally Ismail 341
Annotated list of the Hysteriaceae (Dothideales, Ascomycotina) reported from the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands J. Checa 349
Aniline Agar: a simple medium useful in characterizing white-rot higher fungi in culture Edgardo Albertó and Jorge E. Wright 375
A new species of Russula from Kerala, India K. B. Vrinda, C. K. Pradeep, and T. K. Abraham 389
On some infrequently encountered fungi collected in Rhode Island, USA R. D. Goos 395
Leucoagaricus hortensis: some synonyms from Florida and taxonomic observations Brian P. Akers and Walter J. Sundberg 401
Studies on the genus Inocybe in the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands. II. Inocybe catalaunica F. Esteve-Raventós 421
Stachybotrys yunnanensis sp. nov. and Neosartorya delicata sp. nov. isolated from Yunnan, China Hua-zhong Kong 427
Ultrastructure of basidiospores in North American members of the genus Calvatia Richard Portman, Rowena Moseman, and Estelle Levetin 435
Glassy-haired Hyaloscyphaceae: new taxa and new synonymies Ain Raitviir and Seppo Huhtinen 445
Septoria vulcani sp. nov. on endemic Rumex in Hawai'i Donald E. Gardner 461
Notes on fungi on Hawaiian tree ferns Robert L. Gilbertson and Don E. Hemmes 465
Book Reviews D. S. Hibbett 489
Notice: Sixth International Mycological Congress 495
Notice: XIII Congress of European Mycologists 497
Errata 498
Author Index 499
Index to Fungous and Lichen Taxa 501
Reviewers 516
Publication Date, Volume 61 516
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