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A catalogue of types (Uredinales) in the National Mycological Herbarium (DAOM), Ottawa, Canada. J. A. PARMALEE 1
Some Stemonitales (Myxomycetes) from the State of Tlaxcala, Mexico. M. RODRIGUEZ-PALMA and A. ESTRADA-TORRES 79
Studies on Mediterranean hyphomycetes. III. Quadracaea mediterranea anam.-gen. and sp. nov. D. LUNGHINI, F. PINZARI, and L. ZUCCONI 103
Heterobasidiomycetes from Majorca & Cabrera (Balearic Islands). PETER ROBERTS 111
A new species of Callistosporium. RAYMOND M. FATTO and ALAN E. BESSETTE 125
Scutellospora cerradensis: an ornamented species in the Gigasporaceae (Glomales) from the Cerrado region of Brazil. JOYCE LANCE SPAIN and JEANNE CLAESSEN DE MIRANDA 129
Glomus brasilianum: an ornamented species in the Glomaceae. JOYCE LANCE SPAIN and JEANNE CLAESSEN DE MIRANDA 137
Royoporus--a new genus for Favolus spathulatus. A. B. DE 143
Chytridiomycete taxonomy since 1960. JOYCE E. LONGCORE 149
Coccoidella exocarpi sp. nov. on Exocarpos spp. from Australia. Z. Q. YUAN, C. MOHAMMED, and T. J. WARDLAW 175
New and interesting wood-inhabiting fungi (Basidiomycotina--Aphyllophorales) from Ethiopa. KURT HJORTSTAM and LEIF RYVARDEN 181
A new species of Bartalinia Tassi (Deuteromycotina, Coelomycetes). FREDA ANDERSON and VIRGINIA BIANCHINOTTI 191
Pinatubo oryzae gen. et sp. nov. and its identity during routine tests of rice seed. J. B. MANANDHAR and T. W. MEW 201
A preliminary checklist of Agaricales in Turkey. ERTUGRUL SESLI and SAFFET BAYDAR 213
A new species of Thermoascus with a Paecilomyces anamorph and other thermophilic Thermoascus species from Taiwan. KUEI-YU CHEN and ZUEI-CHING CHEN 225
Thielavia pingtungia sp. nov. a thermophilic ascomycete from Taiwan. KUEI-YU CHEN and ZUEI-CHING CHEN 241
Hymenoscyphus seminis-alni, a new species of the H. fructigenus-complex. HANS OTTO BARAL 249
Amoenodochium humicola anam. gen. et sp. nov., a new sporodochial hyphomycete from Indian soil. FERNANDO PELAEZ and RAFAEL F. CASTANEDA RUIZ 257
Mycena sororia sp. nov., close to M. rosea Gramberg (Basidiomycotina). J. PERREAU-BERTRAND, M. C. BOISSELIER-DUBAYLE and J. LAMBOURDIERE 263
Notes on conidial fungi. X. A new species of Ceratosporella and some new combinations. R. F. CASTANEDA RUIZ, J. GUARRO, and J. CANO 275
Some airborne conidial fungi from Cuba. R. F. CASTANEDA RUIZ, D. E. FABRE, M. P. PARRA, M. PEREZ, and J. GUARRO 283
Egyptian Uredinales. I. Rusts on wild plants from the Nile delta. ZAKARIA A. BAKA and HALVOR B. GJAERUM 291
The genus Pyrofomes in Argentina and cultural features of P. lateritius (Aphyllophorales). JORGE E. WRIGHT, MARCELA F. BOLONTRADE, and ALEJANDRA T. FAZIO 305
Taxonomy of Fomitopsis rubidus comb. nov. ANJALI ROY and A. B. DE 317
Strigula occulta, a new saxicolous lichen from New Zealand. P. M. McCARTHY and W. M. MALCOLM 323
Xylaria species from Papua New Guinea: cultural and anamorphic studies. KATHLEEN VAN DER GUCHT 327
A new species of Hygrocybe from India. T. K. ABRAHAM, K. B. VRINDA, and C. K. PRADEEP 361
NATS truffle and trufle-like fungi 5: Tuber lyonii (= T. texense), with a key to the spiny-spored Tuber species groups. JAMES E. TRAPPE, ARI M. JUMPPONEN, and EFREN CAZARES 365
Hyphomycetes on Alchornea triplinervia (Spreng.) Müll. Arg. leaf litter from the Ecological Reserve Juréia-Itatins, State of São Paulo, Brazil. ROSELY ANA PICCOLO GRANDI and DARLENE SILVA ATTILA 373
Bridgeoporus, a new genus to accommodate Oxyporus nobilissimus (Basidiomycotina, Polyporaceae). HAROLD H. BURDSALL, Jr, THOMAS J. VOLK, and JOSEPH F. AMMIRATI. Jr. 387
A check list of higher marine fungi on wood from Danish coasts. J. KOCH and K. R. L. PETERSEN 397
Lichenicolous fungi from the western Pyrenees, France and Spain. II. More deuteromycetes. JAVIER ETAYO and PAUL DIEDERICH 415
A new species of Botryobasidium (Corticiaceae, Aphyllophorales) inhabiting the interiors of brown rotted logs of Ponderosa pine. MICHAEL J. LARSEN, ALAN E. HARVEY, ROBERT POWERS, and MARTIN F. JURGENSEN 429
Planistromellaceae, a new family in the Dothideales. MARGARET E. BARR 433
A new species of Alisidiopsis from Mexico. ANGEL MERCADO SIERRA, MARIA JOSE FIGUERAS, and JULIO MENA PORTALES 443
New and interesting Helicoon species from Spain. SAMIR K. ABDULLAH, J. GUARRO, and M. J. FIGUERAS 449
Hyphomycetes from streams: new taxa and new combination. LUDMILA MARVANOVA and ENRIQUE DESCALS 455
ALLRUS: a system for standard description, identification and classification of Russulaceae. V. ROBERT and B. BUYCK 471
Helicoon septatissimum sp. nov., a new species from Tierra del Fuego. A. M. GODEAS and A. M. ARAMBARRI 481
A new species of Leptodontium from Quercus acutissima. A. TSUNEDA, N. MAEKAWA, and R. S. CURRAH 485
Book Reviews. D. S. HIBBETT 491
NOTICE: Transfer of Professor E. J. H. Corner's mycological material. 497
Author Index. 498
Index to fungous and lichen taxa. 501
Reviewers. 524
Publication Date, Volume 59. 524
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