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Special Discount on Teng's Fungi of China

Rosaline Deng, the daughter of S. C. Teng, not only translated the original text from English to Chinese but also contributed the foreword to the English version of Teng's Fungi of China which Mycotaxon, Ltd. published in 1996.

She has now offered to allow a $20 price reduction for the book to current subscribers to the journal Mycotaxon, thus making the delivered price to regular and personal subscribers of $59 by surface mail. Subscribers are free to purchase several copies at this reduced price, and are free to give such copies to their institutional libraries or friends.

Ms. Deng does this as a token of appreciation to Mycotaxon, Ltd. for its assistance in publishing the book, and to offer the supporters of the journal, its subscribers, an opportunity to purchase the book at a very reasonable price. Find out more about the book and what reviewers have had to say about it.

To order one or more copies, please see How to Order.

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