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Instructions to Authors

Mycotaxon is an international journal for articles on the taxonomy and nomenclature of fungi. Publication is open to everyone. The Editor-in-Chief receives publication-ready text documents and illustrations that have been reviewed prior to submission by at least two mycological experts. The author is responsible for providing potential peer reviewers with a full set of instructions and for preparing concise, well-formatted, error-free copy that accurately conveys the author's ideas in an economy of space.

Mycotaxon submission involves three easy steps:

[1] Peer review, in which the authors send their final manuscript text and illustrations to two expert peer reviewers. (Peer reviewers return complete comments to the author and the expert review comments to the Editor-in-Chief.)

[2] Nomenclature & presubmission review, in which authors send their peer-reviewed text files (no graphics) to the Nomenclature Editor, who assigns a permanent accession number to each manuscript and reviews the formatting and nomenclature.

[3] Final submission, in which authors send all text and illustration materials together with their submission form to the Editor-in-Chief. The Editor-in-Chief, who is available to answer questions at any time, will guide the authors through final submission to publication.

Our most recent Mycotaxon Author instructions can be downloaded as a comprehensive printer-friendly PDF. This file, which provides the most complete information on Mycotaxon requirements & submission protocols, includes a sample manuscript. Authors should also download the Master Document, Legend, and Table Templates formatted to fit our custom journal page size and the Submission Form to be returned to the Editor-in-Chief with all final submission materials. These files are available as individual downloads and as a complete authoring kit on our file download page.

Authors who maintain datasets for regional checklists may post their annotated species mycotas (‘weblists’) online, where they may be updated and easily searched. Please read the paragraphs entitled "About checklists" in our Author instructions. Those wishing to post such weblists must have three expert reviewers return the special Weblist Reviewer Form and annotated manuscripts to the Editor-in-Chief. A special Weblist Submission Form should be sent to the Editor-in-Chief with the final manuscript after it has been accessioned and pre-approved by the Nomenclature Editor.

Authors are expected to provide prospective reviewers with copies of the Reviewer's Guidelines and ask their experts to return the completed comments form with annotated manuscripts to both the Editor-in-Chief and authors. These Guidelines are also available from the file download page.

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