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Index to Authors, Volumes 101-114.

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Padgett, David E., see Sheffer & Padgett

Padgett, David E. Taxonomic implications of antheridial variability in forty-five watermold isolates: a statistical analysis. 113: 185-190. 2010.

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Panno, Luigi, see Vizzini & Panno

Papong, Khwanruan, see Kalb & al.

Papong, Khwanruan, see Lumbsch & Papong

Papp, Tamás, see Nagy & al.

Parinn, Noireung, see Phoulivong & al.

Park, D., see Johnston & al.

Park, D.-C., see Bridge & al.

Park, Mi-Jeong, see Han & al.

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Parnmen, Sittiporn, see Lumbsch & al.

Passavante, José Zanon De Oliveira, see Damasceno & al.

Pastircák, Martin, see Pastircáková & al.

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Pastircáková, Katarina, see Pastircák & Pastircákov‡á

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Pavarino, Mario, see Zotti & al.

Pecchia, Susanna, see Doveri & al.

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Peláez, F., see Blanco & al.

Peláez F., see Ortega & al.

Peláez, F., see Platas & al.

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Pennycook, S.R. Discula betulae comb. nov., correct name for the anamorph of Gnomonia intermedia. 101: 361-364. 2007.

Pennycook, Shaun R., see Vellinga & Pennycook

Pereira, Jadergudson, see Bezerra & al.

Pereira, Jadergudson, see Wartchow & al.

Pereira, Jadergudson, José Luiz Bezerra & Leonor Costa Maia. Kretzschmaria albogrisea sp. nov. and K. curvirima from Brazil. 106: 237-241. 2008.

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Pereira, Olinto L., see Macedo & al.

Pereira, Olinto L., see Pinho & al.

Pereira, Olinto L., see Silva & Pereira

Pereira, Olinto Liparini, see Silva & Pereira

Pereira, Susana, see Capdet & al.

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Pérez de Paz, Pedro L., see Pérez-Vargas & al.

Pérez Gorjón, Sergio, see Bernicchia & al.

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Pérez-Ortega, Sergio & Mehmet Gökhan Halici. Lasiosphaeriopsis lecanorae sp. nov. (Ascomycota, Nitschkiaceae) on Lecanora polytropa from Spain with a key to the known species of the genus. 104: 247-251.

Pérez-Vargas, Israel, Consuelo Hern& aacute;ndez Padrón, Pedro L. Pérez de Paz & John A. Elix. Tephromela follmannii (lichenised Ascomycota), a new species from the Canary Islands. 112: 9-14. 2010.

Petersen, Ronald H., see Norvell & al.

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Pfister, Donald H., see Han & al.

Pfister, Donald H., see Lantieri & Pfister

Phongpaichit, Souwalak, see Orihara & al.

Phoulivong, Sittisack, Lei Cai, Noireung Parinn, Hang Chen, Kamel A. Abd-Elsalam, Ekachai Chukeatirote & Kevin D. Hyde. A new species of Colletotrichum from Cordyline fruticosa and Eugenia javanica causing anthracnose disease. 114: 247-257. 2010.

Piatek, M., see Mossebo & al.

Piatkowska, J., see Budziszewska & al.

Piazza, Simone Di, see Zotti & al.

Piepenbring, M., see Hennicke & Piepenbring

Piepenbring, Meike, see Hou & Piepenbring

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Pinho, Danilo B., see Macedo & al.

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Platas, G., see Blanco & al.

Platas, G., see Ortega & al.

Platas, G., see Ortega & al.

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Polcák, Jirí, see Antonín & al.

Polemis, E., see Dimou & al.

Polemis, Elias, see Noordeloos & Polemis

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Pons, Ninoska, see Rojas & al.

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Priyanka, see Singh & al.

Psurtseva, Nadezhda V. , see Petersen & al.

Puccinelli, C., see Oliveira & al.

Putzke, Jair, see Sulzbacher & al.

Putzke, Jair, see Wartchow & al.

Qiao, Min, see Li & al.

Qiao, Min, see Yu & al.

Qiao, Min, see Zhang & al.

Qin, Li, see Yu & al.

Qin, Wen-Min, see Wei & Qin

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Qu, Ping-Ping, see Wei & al.

Radu, Irina, see ‚obanoglu & al.

Raghukumar, S., see Pratibha & al.

Raitviir, Ain, see Han & al.

Raja, Huzefa A., see Barbosa & al.

Rajeshkumar, Kunhiraman C., see Singh & al.

Rajeshkumar, Kunhiraman C., Paras N. Singh, Lal S. Yadav, Santosh Swami & Sanjay K. Singh. Chaetospermum setosum sp. nov. from the Western Ghats, India. 113: 397-404. 2010.

Ramírez-Guillén, Florencia, see Guzmán & al.

Ramírez-Guillén, Florencia, see Medel & al.

Ramírez-Guillén, Florencia, see Silva & al.

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Reid, James, see Hausner & al.

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Rogers, Jack D., see Mugambi & al.

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Romero, Andrea Irene, see Capdet & Romero

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