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Index to Authors, Volumes 101-114.

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Hafellner, J., see Navarro-Rosinés & al.

Hagedorn, G., see Zhang & al.

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Hálek, Václav, see Holec & Hálek

Halici, Mehmet Gökhan, see Candan & Halici

Halici, Mehmet Gökhan, see Candan & al.

Halici, Mehmet Gökhan, see Knudsen & al.

Halici, Mehmet Gökhan, see Pérez-Ortega & Halici

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Hallenberg, Nils, see Ghobad-Nejhad & al.

Hallenberg, Nils, see Gorjón & al.

Hallenberg, Nils, Eugene Yurchenko & Masoomeh Ghobad-Nejhad. Peniophora pseudonuda is a synonym of P. laeta. 112: 153-162. 2010.

Halling, Roy E., see Mayor & al.

Halling, Roy E., see Osmundson & Halling

Halling, Roy E., see Neves & al.

Han, Jae-Gu & Hyeon-Dong Shin. Hymenoscyphus ginkgonis sp. nov. growing on leaves of Ginkgo biloba. 103: 189-195. 2008.

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Han, Yanfeng, see Liang & al.

Han, Yanfeng, see Zou & al.

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Hanlin, Richard T., see González & al.

Hao, Yu'e, see Su & al.

Haq, Ikram-Ul, see Sultan & al.

Harrington, T.C., D.N. Aghayeva & S.W. Fraedrich. New combinations in Raffaelea, Ambrosiella, and Hyalorhinocladiella, and four new species from the redbay ambrosia beetle, Xyleborus glabratus. 111: 337-361. 2010.

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Hansen, Eric Steen, see Saag & al.

Hattori, Tsutomu, see Dai & Hattori

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Hausknecht, Anton, see Tkalcec & al.

Hausner, Georg, see Reid & Hausner

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Hawksworth, David L., see Norvell & al.

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Heilmann-Clausen, Jacob, see Christensen & Heilmann-Clausen

Helfer, Stephan, see Denchev & al.

Heluta, Vasyl P., see Savchenko & Heluta

Hemmes, D.E., see Keirle & al.

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Henkel, Terry W., see Neves & al.

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Hepat, Rahul, see Singh & al.

Heredia Abarca, Gabriela, see Arias Mota & al.

Heredia Abarca, Gabriela, see Castañeda Ruíz & al.

Heredia Abarca, Gabriela, see Iturriaga & al.

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Herrera-Peraza, Ricardo, see Cuenca & Herrera-Peraza

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Horton, Bryony M., see Gates & al.

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Huang, Bo, see Chen & al.

Huang, Bo, see Li & al.

Hughes, Karen W., see Petersen & al.

Huhndorf, Sabine M., see Mugambi & al.

Hur, Jae Seoun, see Joshi & al.

Hur, Jae Seoun, see Wei & Hur

Hur, Jae-Seoun, see Joshi & al.

Hüseyin, Elsad, see Erdogdu & Hüseyin

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Hyde, K.D., see Hu & al.

Hyde, Kevin D., see Chen & al.

Hyde, Kevin D., see Hawksworth & al.

Hyde, Kevin D., see Wu & al.

Hyde, Kevin D., see Phoulivong & al.

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Illana, Carlos, see Moreno & al.

Inácio. C.A., see Pereira-Carvalho & al.

Inácio, Carlos A., see Souza & al.

Iqbal, S.H., see Afshan & al.

Iqbal, S.H., see Niazi & al.

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Ishikawa, Noemia Kazue, see Capelari & al.

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Isiloglu, Mustafa, see Türkoglu & al.

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Jablonska, Agnieszka, see Kukwa & Jablonska

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Jaklitsch, Walter M., see Krisai-Greilhuber & Jaklitsch

Jankovský, Libor, see Tomsovský & Jankovský

Jansa, Jan, see Oehl & al.

Javan-Nikkhah, Mohammad, see Aghapour & al.

Jeewon, R., see Hu & al.

Jeppesen, Thomas Stjernegaard, see Frøslev & Jeppesen

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