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Index to Authors, Volumes 61 through 100

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Pacioni, G., see Comandini & Pacioni

Pacioni, Giovanni, see Contu & Pacioni

Pacioni, Giovanni see Lalli et al.

Pacioni, Giovanni & Cathy Sharp. Mackintoshia, a new sequestrate basidiomycete genus from Zimbabwe, 75: 225-228. 2000.

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Padgett, D.E., see Johnson & al.

Padgett, David E., Jennifer C. Puckett & Wendy M. Strickland. Taxonomic implications of unusual zoospore discharge in an isolate of Saprolegnia unispora, 76: 171-174. 2000.

Palice, Zdenek & Christian Printzen. Genetic variability in tropical and temperate populations of Trapeliopsis glaucolepidea: Evidence against long range dispersal in a lichen with disjunct distribution, 90: 43-54. 2004.

Palm, Mary E., see Macia & al.

Palm, Mary E., see Taylor & al.

Palmateer, Aaron J., Kathy S. McLean & Gareth Morgan-Jones. Concerning Phomopsis gossypii, the causal organism of boll rot of cotton, 87: 157-172. 2003.

Pande, Alaka & V. G. Rao. Chaetosphaerulina bambusae spec. nov. (Pleosporales) from India, 61: 307-310. 1997.

Pande, Alaka, Vimal Waingankar, L. Prasad & J. G. Vaidya. A new giant Xylaria from India, 80: 163-166. 2001.

Pando, Francisco. A new species and a synonymy in Echinostelium (Myxomycetes), 64: 343-348. 1997.

Pando, Francisco & Miguel Oltra. On the spore wall of Echinostelium elachiston (Myxomycetes), 74(2): 495-498. 2000.

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Parbery, D. G., see Beilharz & al.

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Park, D. see Johnston & al.

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Parmasto, Erast, see Corfixen & Parmasto

Parmasto, Erast, see Gibertoni & al.

Parmasto, Erast. CORTBASE-a nomenclatural taxabase of corticioid fungi (Hymenomycetes), 61: 467-471. 1997.

Parmasto, Erast. Hymenochaetoid fungi (Basidiomycota) of North America, 79: 107-176. 2001.

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Parmasto, Erast & Robert L. Gilbertson. The genus Hymenochaete (Basidiomycota, Hymenomycetes) in the Hawaiian Islands. 94: 189-214, 2005 (2006).

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Parmasto, Erast & Sheng-Hua Wu. Hydnochaete paucisetigera, a new species of Hymenochaetales, 91: 461-463. 2005.

Parmasto, Ilmi, see Parmasto & Parmasto

Parreira, Douglas F., see Soares & al.

Parreira, Douglas Ferreira, see Soares & al.

Partridge, E. Christopher, see Baker & al.

Partridge, E. Christopher & Gareth Morgan-Jones. Notes on Hyphomycetes. LXXXVIII. New genera in which to classify Alysidium resinae and Pycnostysanus azalae, with a consideration of Sorocybe, 83: 335-352. 2002.

Partridge, E. Christopher, & Gareth Morgan-Jones. Notes on Hyphomycetes. LXXXIX. Concerning the genus Sphaerosporium, 84: 69-77, 2002.

Partridge, E. Christopher & Gareth Morgan-Jones. Notes on Hyphomycetes. XC. Fusicladosporium, a new genus for Cladosporium-like anamorphs of Venturia, and the pecan scab-inducing fungus, 85: 357-370. 2003.

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Partridge, E. Christopher, William A. Baker & Gareth Morgan-Jones. Notes on hyphomycetes. LXXVII. A new species of Ramichloridium, R. bacillisporum, occurring on leaf glands of Crataegus flava in Alabama, 75: 147-152. 2000.

Partridge, E. Christopher, William A. Baker & Gareth Morgan-Jones. Notes on Hyphomycetes. LXXIX. Concerning the Acladium-Alysidium-Haplotrichum complex: nomenclatural and taxonomic considerations, with redescriptions of respective type species. 77: 201-214. 2001.

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Partridge, E. Christopher, William A. Baker & Gareth Morgan-Jones. Notes on Hyphomycetes. LXXXVI. Some additional Haplotrichum species, with supplementary comments on, and a key to, the genus, 82: 41-94. 2002.

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Pascoe, I. G., see Beilharz & al.

Pascoe, I. G., see Liberato & al.

Pascoe, Ian, see Beilharz & Pascoe

Pascoe, Ian G., see Fischer & al.

Pasqualetti, Marcella & Angelo Rambelli. Dactylaria asymetrica, a new species of mitosporic fungi from Ivory Coast forest litter, 72: 27-31. 1999.

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Pastircak, Martin, see Pastircakova & Pastircak

Pastircakova, Katarina & Martin Pastircak. The anamorph of Erysiphe platani on Platanus x hispanica in Slovakia, 97: 189-194. 2006.

Patino-Conde, Violeta, see Cifuentes et al.

Patwardhan, P. G., see Makhija & Patwardhan

Paul, Volker H. , see Li (Chunije) et al.

Paulus, Barbara C., Margaret E. Barr, Paul Gadek & Kevin D. Hyde. Three new ascomycetes from a tropical Australian rainforest, 88: 87-96. 2003.

Paz-Bermudez, Graciela & John A. Elix. A new species of Parmotrema (Ascomycota: Parmeliaceae) from Portugal, 89: 505-508. 2004.

Pearce, D.A., see Bridge & al.

Peerally, A., see Dulymamode & al.

Peever, Tobin L. see Dugan & Peever

Pegler, D., see Cao & al.

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Pei, Ke-quan, see Wang & Pei

Peintner, Ursula, see Kuhnert-Finkernagel & Peintner

Peintner, Ursula, see Mayrhofer & al.

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Peintner, Ursula, Meinhard Moser & Rytas Vilgalys. Thaxterogaster is a taxonomic synonym of Cortinarius: new combinations and new names, 81: 177-184. 2002.

Pelaez, F., see Arenal & al.

Pelaez, Fernando, Rafael F. Castaneda Ruiz & Francisco Arenal. Titaea formosa anam. sp. nov., a new fungicolous hyphomycete from Spain. 70: 55-62. 1999.

Pena, Nora I. & Angelica M. Arambarri. Argentinomyces naviculisporis gen. et sp. nov., a new marine lignicolous ascomycete from Mar del Plata, Argentina, 65: 331-337. 1997.

Pennycook, S. R., see Braun & Pennycook

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Percudani, Riccardo, see Zambonelli & al.

Perdomo, Omar Paino, see Lodge & al.

Pereira, Jose Mauritio & Robert Weingart Barreto. A new species of Ascochyta from leaf spots on Peperomia spp. in Brazil, 82: 367-372. 2002.

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Perez, Rosa E., see Bjerke et al.

Perez-de-Gregorio, M. A., see Moreau et al.

Perez Gorjon, Sergio, see Arras & al.

Perez-Gorjon, Sergio, see Bernicchia & al.

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Perez-Silva, E., see Esqueda-Valle & al.

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Perez-Silva, Evangelina, see Esqueda & al.

Perez-Silva, Evangelina, see San Martin & al.

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Perini, C., see Salerni & al.

Perry, Brian A., see Desjardin & al.

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Petersen, Ronald H., see Gordon & Petersen

Petersen, Ronald H., see Jin & al.

Petersen, Ronald H., see Lechner & al.

Petersen, Ronald H., see Mata & Petersen

Petersen, Ronald H., see Nicholl & Petersen

Petersen, Ronald H., see Redhead & Petersen

Petersen, Ronald H., see Sime & Petersen

Petersen, Ronald H., see Zang & al.

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Pfister, Donald H., see Iturriaga & Pfister

Pfister, Donald H., see Wang & Pfister

Pfister, Donald H., see Zhong & al.

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Piapukiew, J., see Yomyart & al.

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Pietra, F., see Dupont & al.

Piga, Andrea, see Arras & al.

Piga, Andrea, see Bernicchia & Piga

Pinochet T., Dante, see Velenzuela & al.

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Piontelli, Eduardo, see Caretta & al.

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Platas, G., see Arenal & al.

Plenchette, C., see Dalpe & al.

Poder, P., see Moreno & al.

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Polemis, Elias, see Dimou & al.

Polemis, Elias, see Zervakis & al.

Polette, M., see Valenzuela & al.

Polyiam, Wetchasart, see Noicharoen & al.

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Porter, David, see Leander & Porter

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Portugal-Portugal, Daniel, see San Martin & al.

Powell, Martha J., see Blackwell & Powell

Powell, Martha J., see Blackwell & al.

Powell, Martha J., see Letcher & Powell

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Pradeep, C.K., see Manimohan et al.

Pradeep, C. K., see Vrinda & al.

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Prasad, G. S., see Rani & al.

Prasad Y., L., see Pande & al.

Prillinger, H., see Basigalova & al.

Printzen, Christian, see Palice & Printzen

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Putnam, Melodie L., see Stone & Putnam

Putzke, Jair, see Wartchow & al.

Qian, Zhi-Guang, see Chen & al.

Qiao, Min, see Yu & al.

Raggio, Jose, see Burgaz & Raggio

Raidl, S. see Martin et al.

Raidl, Stefan, see Martin & Raidl

Rainer, Johannes, see Peintner & Rainer

Raitviir, Ain, see Baral et al.

Raitviir, Ain, see Chlebicki & Raitviir

Raitviir, Ain, see Galan & Raitviir

Raitviir, Ain, see Kutorga & Raitviir

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Rajchenberg, Mario, see Greslebin & Rajchenberg

Rajchenberg, Mario see Urcelay & Rajchenberg

Rajchenberg, Mario, see Greslebin & al.

Rajchenberg, Mario, see Robledo & Rajchenberg

Rajchenberg, Mario, see Urcelay & al.

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Ramesh, P., see Bagyanarayana & al.

Ramirez, C., see Valenzuela & al.

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