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Index to Authors, Volumes 61 through 100

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Hadar, Y., see Lewinsohn & al.

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Haines, John H. see Wu & Haines

Haines, John H., see Wu & al.

Hale, Beatrice Wilde, see DePriest & Hale

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Halling, R. E., see Antonin & al.

Halling, Roy, see Agerer & al.

Halling, Roy, see Montoya & al.

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Han, Yanfeng, see Li & al.

Han, Yanfeng, see Liang & al.

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Hanlin, Richard T., see Gonzalez & al.

Hanlin, Richard T., see Guzman & al.

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Haugland, R. see Li & al.

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Hawksworth, David L., see Cole & Hawksworth

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Helfer, Stephan, see Afyon & al.

Helfer, Stephan, see Yagiz & al.

Heluta, Vasyl P., see Voytyuk &. al.

Hemmes, Don E., see Gilbertson & Hemmes

Hemmes, Don E., see Gilbertson & al.

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Hennebert, Gregoire L., see Robert & al.

Hennebert, Gregoire L., see Zalar & al.

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Heredia, Gabriella, see Castaneda Ruiz et al.

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Heredia Abarca, Gabriela, see Castaneda Ruiz & al.

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Herrera, T., see Perez-Silva & al.

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Hess, W. M., see Bashyal & al.

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Hess, W. M., see Strobel & al.

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