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Mycotaxon Indices

Indices to Authors and to Taxa in volumes previous to volume 61 are available for purchase. Mycotaxon provides the following online indices:

The taxon indices include the names of genera, infrageneric taxa, species, and infraspecific taxa.

New names at these ranks are in CAPITALS. In addition, names of new suprageneric taxa are also in CAPITALS. The page numbers on which new taxa are proposed are followed by an asterisk (*). These indices are large, searchable documents. Indices to previous volumes are available for purchase (see Books).

For a specific epithet or infraspecific epithet do the same (do not try to enter the full species name, for example "Puccinia graminis," but only the epithet, "graminis").

Hint: if you are looking for an epithet, for example "alba," remember it often changes its ending under another generic name ("alba, album, albus"). Searching instead for the root - "alb" - will yield you all of these alternatives (as well as those entries where "alb" is just a part of another epithet).

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