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Guidelines for Reviewers of papers submitted to Mycotaxon

If you have been selected by the author(s) of a paper prepared for this journal to act as a pre-submission reviewer, remember that your duties, should you accept that request, far exceed the duties you normally exercise as a reviewer. You will have received what the author hopes is a fully formatted article, exactly as he or she envisions it will appear in print (except that the paper as you view it may be reduced: Mycotaxon page width is 11 cm).

For many authors this will be their first experience of being an editor and printer, for they must prepare camera-ready copy which the Editor cannot change. You will be asked to judge not merely the scientific content, but also the format and esthetic appearance of the article.

Here are some general points for you to review:

  • The journal Mycotaxon accepts only papers devoted to the taxonomy and nomenclature of fungi, including floristics, reviews of taxonomic groups or of taxonomic criteria, and nomenclatural and taxonomic argumentation
  • Authors submit camera-ready peer-reviewed manuscripts to the Editor-in-Chief for a decision on the suitability of a manuscript for publication in the journal
  • Authors are fully responsible for preparing concise, well-formatted copy, free of error, following published Instructions to Authors
  • There is no limitation on the length of an article
  • Regional Checklists are no longer accepted for publication, but instead are accepted as short (1 to 4 page) articles describing the general extent of such a checklist. Such articles will have a link to a website where the full checklist can be downloaded as a PDF file to the reader's computer. All such brief articles and their PDF files require Mycotaxon Reviewer's Checklists. A listing of all such Regional Checklists and their respective websites will be posted on the Mycotaxon website.
It will be your duty to determine if possible whether
  • the paper is suitable for the journal's restricted audience of taxonomists and systematists
  • the title is informative, clearly stating which taxa are the focus of the paper
  • the text is concise, and clearly explains the topics, methodologies, presented data, and conclusions
  • the illustrations are instructive and captions unambiguously explain pictured details (including magnifications)
  • the nomenclature of all taxa complies with the latest edition of the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature
  • the standards for authorities of taxa, literature citation, collection acronyms, etc. are followed
  • the style and grammar of English (or French) is properly used
  • the manuscript is formatted in accordance with Mycotaxon instructions
If you have questions or doubts about manuscript

The author is required to present a Reviewer's Checklist and any attached comments and suggestions along with his/her/their finally formatted paper when it is submitted to the journal for acceptance or rejection.

Please complete the Reviewer's Check list and return to the author along with your detailed review and the manuscript if you marked any changes there.

The Reviewer's Checklist should be downloaded [pdf], completed, and then sent to both the author and Mycotaxon Editor-in-Chief by the reviewer.

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