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About Mycotaxon

Mycotaxon is a quarterly peer-reviewed journal exclusively devoted to all phases of the taxonomy and nomenclature of fungi (including lichens). All articles are peer-reviewed by specialists prior to acceptance. Publication is open to all persons. Authors prepare their own article after having received critical comments from pre-submission reviewers .The journal is published with one volume each quarter. Articles are accepted in English only, with summaries or abstract in any language(s).

The journal was founded by Co-Editors Grégoire L. Hennebert and Richard P. Korf in 1974. You can view the current people serving as our journal editors and administrators, where we indicate their specific functions and also provide a list of Emeritus Editors as a historical background. There is in addition a distinguished group of mycologists who have volunteered to serve in making recommendations to ensure a future for the journal, our editorial advisory board, where we note the several functions of that Board, its current membership, and its Emeritus members.

From 2011 on the journal will be available in electronic format with unlimited number of color illustrations. Printed versions (with only black and white illustrations) of the electronic volumes can be ordered.

For more information, view the complete Mycotaxon Publication History where we list all the journal publication dates and have Tables of Contents for all 114 print volumes, with links to abstracts for volumes 75 to 114.

You will also find on this website an online cumulative taxon index for volumes 61-114 of Mycotaxon, as well as an online cumulative author index for volumes 61-114. These indices will not be continued after volume 114. (Cumulative indexes for previous volumes 1-60 are available for purchase: see our Books.)

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